TO BUY GZ34 Metal Base 1950's

GZ34 HOLLAND METAL BASE 1951-1957 (Double "D" getter halos, this is the best sounding GZ34/5AR4 ever made) (superb bass response, bloomy mids, punchy, open, full of life) 5AR4=GZ34 Philips Miniwatt Holland Metal Base NOS 1957 (date code: tv2-57C) - ModWright PS 9.0, 36.5, LS100 power supply - Woo Audio WA22 - Ongaku amp - Supratek Cortese, Grange - Eastern Electric - Audio Note - Manley preamp - BAT REX preamp 2008 - SWART - Cary SLP-05 - WAVAC MD300B - Kondo TO BUY GZ34 Metal Base 1950's

SONIC BENEFITS ARE SUBSTANTIAL (Customer Comments): -------------------------------------------------- I have the Philips metal base GZ34 1950's in a Moth Audio si2A3. This makes a bigger difference than swapping the 6SL7s or 2A3s. It might even be as large as changing power cords. The metal base GZ34 replaces a Sovtek 5AR4, which I thought was fine. After all, it was quiet, and sounded balanced. But inserting the metal base GZ34 is like blowing your nose, and finally being able to breathe. The Philips metal base GZ34 will not fit into countersunk holes, such as those in the Norh SE-9. Therefore, I ordered the Amperex black base 5AR4. This, too, replaces a Sovtek 5AR4. Quite frankly, I am surprised at how important the rectifier tube is. Now all of a sudden, even the cheapo Norh amp is passing along the front endís space and detail. Armed with the Amperex 5AR4, the US$399 Norh SE-9 acts like itís a multi-kilobuck product. Impressive!!