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What is your favorite sounding European 12AX7/12AX7A/CV4004 of all time??
ECC803S=12AX7 Telefunken West Germany Gold Pins
12AX7 Philips Miniwatt Holland & Amperex Holland "long plates" 1950's
12AX7 Mullard "long plates" 1950's
E83CC Siemens West Germany triple mica 1960's
12AX7 Amperex Bugle Boy Holland 1960's
12AX7 Telefunken smooth plate
12AX7 Mullard short ribbed plates 1960's
12AX7 Ediswan England by Brimar short ribbed plates around 1970
12AX7 Brimar England short ribbed plates 1960's
12AX7 Telefunken ribbed plate
CV4004=12AX7 Brimar England early 1960's
CV4004=12AX7 Mullard
12AX7 Fivre Italy
12AX7 Holland branded various names: Valvo, Philips, Amperex, etc.
B759=12AX7 Genalex Gold Lion England around 1960
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