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EL34 TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY EL34 Telefunken West Germany (2 plate styles)

EL34 TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY 1960-1966 (RECTANGLE SLOT IN PLATE) (EL34 Telefunken with 1 or 2 rectangle slots in plate were made from 1960-1966) - AudioPrism Debut II amp TO BUY EL34 Telefunken 1960-1971
EL34 Telefunken Sonic Comments: ------------------------------ "Brendan, I put the four Telefunken EL-34s into my AudioPrism Debut II amp. I biased each at 40ma, which is very conservative. No problems whatsoever. I turned on the amp again this morning, and the bias didn’t change. After a little bit of warm-up, the Telefunken EL-34s really do a good job of telling me what’s going on upstream. I was made more aware of the differences in recordings. Just listen to the tinkly sounds of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere.” And then compare that with John Bonham’s ease with which he hits his cymbals on “Rock ‘N’ Roll.” They’re not the same. With clear/neutral tubes like the Telefunken ECC801S and Tele EL-34 in the Debut II amp, I just shrug my shoulders and resign myself that, no matter how many times they try to polish Led Zeppelin’s Zoso, the original recording must be just okay, not great. And why not? Led Zep must have been drunk/stoned, when they recorded this album. Other EL-34s seem to add sugar or spice, which, while tasty at times, ultimately gets in the way. For example, the EH EL-34 makes all recordings sound like Fleetwood Mac’s thin and tipped-up “Everywhere.” And the Mullard xf4s I bought from you make the music seem like a finely sculpted statue. Still, let’s not confuse Michaelangelo’s statue of David for David himself."
EL34 TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY 1967-1971 (2 HOLES IN PLATE) (EL34 Telefunken with 2 round holes in plate with winged heatsink were made from 1967-1971) - AudioPrism Debut II amp TO BUY EL34 Telefunken 1960-1971