ECC803S=12AX7 TELEFUNKEN GOLD PINS Special Quality 10,000+ hour 12AX7, arguably the best 12AX7 ever made, very low noise and superb inner resolution; incredible high-end extension and very smooth, this is the Holy Grail of 12AX7's
(Tube World has sold (101) ECC803S Telefunken NOS since 1996)
Recommended in: - Lamm Industries ML3 Signature mono amps - Nagra PL-L preamp - VTL 7.5 preamp - Conrad Johnson Premier 15 phono preamp - Jadis preamp - Aesthetix Rhea, Io, Calypso - Diva Audio M7 preamp TO BUY ECC803S TELEFUNKEN
3 NOS pairs in stock