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866 / 866Jr / 866A / 866AX Mercury Rectifier (listed at top of page)

872A Mercury Rectifier (listed at bottom of page)

866/A=VT-46A Half-Wave Rectifier (Vfil=3V) - Electronluv preamp and amps - Johnson Valent 1945 - Space Tech Labs (Canada) Power Supply TO BUY 866A
1) 866A GE NOS tilted filament cylinder inside tube, tube works fine, in white box $15 1) 866A RCA NOS 1974, some flakes off of internal top plate, this occationally occurs, original box $25 (good value) 1) VT-46A=866A RCA used/good mid-1940's in white box $20
872A=VT42 Mercury Rectifier TO BUY 872A