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8417 Beam Power Tube (Vfil=6.3V @ 1.6A, Power output=35 watts) (Vplate max=660V, Vscreen max=500VDC) (8417 Sylvania are the best sounding and most reliable 8417, then GE) (click on links below to check stock) 8417 GE 8417 Sylvania (many pairs in stock, best sounding) 8417 Westinghouse tan base
8417 GE (Black Base) (2 side getters and clear top - see above picture, tube on left) - Dynaco Mark VI introduced in 1976 - Gibson - Bogen - Harmon Kardon - Bogen MO-100A TO BUY 8417 GE pairs

8417 Sylvania (Black Base) Best Sounding (8417 Sylvania have 3 different getter halo arrangements, all have the same plate structure) (8417 Sylvania are the best sounding and most reliable 8417) - Fisher SA-1000 - Dynaco - Quicksilver - SG systems 2X12 amp - UFO (France) TO BUY 8417 SYLVANIA

8417 Sylvania and Westinghouse (Tan Base) (rare 8147, tan base 8417 were made by Sylvania and Westinghouse in the 1960's and often branded Fisher or Harmon Kardon) - SOS Electronics Mini-Scout linear amp (SOLD OUT) 8417 Westinghouse and Sylvania "tan base" early 1960's - REFERENCE PICTURE TO BUY 8417 with TAN BASE