Best 833A listed at833A

833A Power Triode

(Transmitting and RF-heating triode) (Vfil=10V @ 10A, Mu=35, 300 watts, 833 introduced in 1937, 833A introduced in 1940) (833a has Zr-coated plate, uprated to 400 watts with forced air cooling) (The RCA, GE and Amperex branded 833A are recommended for the WAVAC HE-833 amplifiers - The King of SET!)

1 tube $399) 833A Westinghouse rebranded "PLIOTRON WL.833.A" like new 1951 in RCA box, tube has (2) .75" dia. getters
DISPLAY TUBE: ------------ 1) JAN-CRC-833A RCA DUD display tube - shorted - does not work $30