Best 7308=E188CC listed at:

(click on links below to check stock) 7308 Amperex Holland "PQ" 1960's 7308 Amperex USA 1960-1975 white printing 7308 Amperex USA Globe Logo - orange printing 1967-1975 7308 Valvo Holland 1960's - red or white printing 7308 Philips or Philips Miniwatt Holland 1960-1975 7308=CV4108 Mullard 1960's - 1970's (1972 PAIRS IN STOCK) 7308 Siemens 1960-1975 7308 Sylvania USA 1960's - 1970's 7308 Telefunken 1960's 7308 history and specifications 7308 best sounding ever made
7308 Amperex USA Premium Quality "PQ" 1960's
(PQ=Premium Quality 10,000 hour tube)
(Low Noise Reference Quality 7308; recommended especially for phono-stages
 and high-gain preamps that are sensitive to noise and microphonics)
- Wavestream Deluxe phono stage
- Lamm
- Audio Research
- CJ
- Aesthetix
- Manley
- Lamm M1.2 Ref (2011)

7308 AMPEREX USA 1960 - 1970's (PQ=Premium Quality 10,000 hour tube) (clear, open, fast, quiet) (well-balanced, smooth highs, lots of air, very good bass, highly recommended) (7308 typically have better section balance and lower noise and microphonics than stock 6922 and 6DJ8) TO BUY 7308 AMPEREX

7308 Amperex USA "GLOBE LOGO" 1967 - 1975 (ORANGE PRINTING) (Low Noise Reference Quality 7308; recommended especially for phono-stages and high-gain preamps that are sensitive to noise and microphonics) TO BUY 7308 AMPEREX GLOBE LOGO

7308 VALVO Holland 1960's TO BUY 7308 VALVO HOLLAND

7308 Philips or Philips Miniwatt "SQ" Holland 1960's - 1975 (PQ=SQ=Premium Quality 10,000 hour tube) (well-balanced, smooth highs, lots of air, very good bass, 3D midrange, low noise, highly recommended) (7308 typically have better section balance and lower noise and microphonics than stock 6922 and 6DJ8) Best 7308=E188CC listed at: Recommended for: --------------- Lampizator Level 4 DAC Golden Tube SEP-1SE preamp Aphex 1100MKII Class A 2-Channel Tube Mic Preamp DK Design MK II integrated amp Magnum Dynalab MD-106T Tuner BAT vk-p10Se phono pre-amp Audio Research phono and linestages Audio Research VS-55i Audio Research PH3 SE Audio Research LS15 Cary V12R amp Melos phono preamp Herron VTSP-2 preamp Musical Fidelity X-CANS AIR TIGHT ATE-2 Zanden Aesthetix phono and pre-amp Lamm M2.2s Pathos Synthesis Audio Italy Magnum 100 (2008) CAT SL-1 Signature (phono and linestage) Tube mic preamps Monarchy hybrid amp Klimo Merlino Gold Plus (Italy) Earmax pro BHSE VAC 7308 Holland: ------------ TO BUY 7308=E188CC HOLLAND

Sonic Comments: -------------- By the way, those Philips Miniwatt 7308's you sent me sound real smooth in my DK Design MK II integrated amp! Sonic Comments: -------------- "The 7308 Holland is just magnificent. It's 99% there; could have a bit more penetrating highs and air/transparency up there but it's still extrememly good nevertheless. Very live sounding with awesome soundstage depth with very clear/unmuddled ambience. Absolutely awesome for vocals (listen to Harry Belafonte's "Cotton Fields" track 3 from Live at Carnegie Hall German-press cd). I rate this tube #1 out of the lot."
7308 Philips Miniwatt "SQ" Holland "D" getter halo 1960 (10,000 hour, effortless sweet sound, very low noise, extremely rare) (2nd rarest 7308 Amperex ever made behind the 7308 Holland "D" getter with PINCHED-WAIST 1959-1960) SOLD OUT Customer Comments on 7308 PQ 1960's: ----------------------------------- "Brendan, the valves arrived a few days ago. Thanks for the excellent advice and quick delivery. Here is the email I sent to the guy who provided me with his electrostatic speaker kit and has been giving great service/advice along the way. Currently we are building some isobaric woofers to fill in the missing bottom end. (A common weakness of electrostatic speakers). * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * ** * Hi Rob: I think I told you that I was replacing some valves in my pre-amp which has had general criticism in reviews. They arrived on friday. After Robin went to bed I took some subjective 'measurements' of the system as it sounded. Things like the snare drum, 5 to 1, does it sound like a snare or like a biscuit tin ? Also the bass drum, if it was a cardboard box, how big would that box be ? Also the grain and/or wispy sounds on the highs? How far back is the vocalist and the drummer ? Got out a few AAD recordings and rated a couple of songs from each album this way. Probably from 10pm to 11:30. Then I put in the new valves. Thought I'd run them for a day or so before 'measuring' any changes. Immediately the sound was different and better, smoother. I sat up listening for hours until 3:30pm !! Last night I did the comparisons and found that the much improved bass was reflected consistently in better sounding snares and larger cardboard boxes. The highs all improved in terms of wispy clips on 'S's' (gone!) and the soundstage was centred. Previously one speaker was slightly louder than the other (not matched valves??) now it is slap bang in the centre. Much nicer to listen to. So, it seems that your ESLIIIs DO have reasonable bottom end. Clearly they don't go down into the 20s but where they were probably rolling off from 60Hz, I would say that I am now getting 40 or 45 Hz or lower ??? maybe you know what the panels go down to ??. But if I had known this earlier, I wonder if I would have chosen to add the subs ?? Not that I mind cause they will deliver those bottom freqs for sure. Also, I think I told you when I first fired the panels up that they were bright/glary ??? Well it was just the crap valves that Musical Fidelity uses. These Amperex 7308s are a big improvement. The system sounds much better now. Any 'harshness' has gone and well worth the $200. Also, In regard to the high end, I noticed it has removed all the distortion up at the top, so I am well satisfied."
7308=E188CC MULLARD ENGLAND 1970-1972 (This tube has been described as lively, musical and 3D sounding. A balanced musical presentation. Excellent choice for DAC's, preamps and linestages) (very good midrange, good bass, musical tubes, low noise, not microphonic) - Cayin CD17 - CJ - Audio Research E188CC=7308 Mullard NOS 1970-1972 original boxes TO BUY 7308 MULLARD NOS 1972 PAIRS

E188CC=7308 Mullard branded Philips SQ 1970-1971 Mitcham plant listed below
CV4108=7308 MULLARD ENGLAND 1967 - 1970 (very low noise, CV4108=7308 Mullard Mitcham plant NOS 1967-1970) TO BUY CV4108=7308 MULLARD

7308=E188CC SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1950's - 1970's Real E188CC=7308 Siemens are extremely rare, all the real good ones were made in the 1960's, their are 7308 Siemens being sold now that were made from late 1970's to early 1980's that are not even close to sounding like an old 7308 Siemens. These newer Siemens 7308 have a single 1/2" round getter halo held up by a short 3/8" long thin wire in the center of the tube (just like Japanese 6DJ8). I would avoid them. Also, many 7308 Siemens are rebranded other names or are fakes. - RODE K2 and others - Tentlabs CD player - Astintrew CD-Player 3500 Plus TO BUY 7308 SIEMENS
SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- Hello Brendan! Thank you for the fantastic Siemens tube I received yesterday! It completely transformed my Tentlabs CD player! Absolutely incredible!! SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- Hi Brendan, I didn’t know one tube could make such a difference, my god. I didn’t know my system could do that. I replaced the original Russian 6N23P of my Tentlabs cd-player with your Siemens E188cc 1965 Kuhl-tube. It is simply amazing in every way, the soundstage is much bigger and deeper, very dynamic with great highs, a solid bass and a deep midrange. And that against a pitch black curtain. Also the details are much more refined. The reviews of this cd-player where already very good but I wonder what they would have written if they had heard this. What a cool tube!! Rik Vijgen SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- "Brendan, brief note to you. Love the Siemens 7308's in the Supratek Grange. Very dynamic, great transparency, and superb highs. These 7308's replaced a pair of grey plate Siemens CCa mid-60's I believe. The Siemens 7308's deliver a bigger soundstage and are more dynamic than the CCa. Lastly there is a depth to the midrange that the Cca or any other 6922 I've tried could not deliver. It is the best tube of it's type I've used. If you can say a pair of $410 tubes is a bargain the Siemens 7308 are just that. Great tubes. Thank you. B.F." SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- "Hi Brendan: After ~ 3 hours of break in I spent the next 2 hours listening to the Siemens E188CC=7308 you recommended. It is nothing short of incredible. The improvement in the top end and the imaging is especially noticeable (it is in an ARC LS2). This is in comparison to the Telefunken CCa. Alex P." SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- "As you well know, I have obtained some truly spectacular iterations of some of the world’s finest examples of the ubiquitous 6DJ8 from you--sourced from Germany, Holland, England, and the United States--branded Siemens, Lorenz, Miniwatt, Valvo, Mullard, and Sylvania. I find the ‘50’s vintage Siemens CCas to be the most detailed, and three-dimensional with the most profound low frequency response. You recently listed some Siemens 7308s from the early ‘70’s, and I was immediately curious. You said that this 7308 had all of the positive attributes of the CCa with a lower noise floor. Your assessment was absolutely on target. I now have a new reference for my Scott Nixon tube dac. Thanks again, and thank you for providing such a valuable service for the audiophile community. - Mike"
7308 SYLVANIA JAN / 7308 PHILIPS JAN USA (quiet, smooth 7308, best value) - Ah!Tjoeb CD player - Raysonic 128 CDP - Earmax Silver Edition TO BUY 7308 SYLVANIA
Customer Comments on 7308 Sylvania: ---------------------------------- I received the pair of Sylvania 7308 and RCA rectifier for my Audio Note DAC. They sound great! Very quiet, and well-extended with excellent bass. Brings the DAC to a whole another level as they say. Customer Comments on 7308 Sylvania: ---------------------------------- Just a short note to thank you for the recent shipment of the Sylvania 7308's. We are trying them in our new line of 24/96 DAC's we now import that ship with the Sovtek 6922. After replacing with the Sylvania 7308's, HUGE improvement!!! MUCH better in every regard, clarity-transparency, detail, smoothness, speed, air, imaging, extension, etc. We also prefer the 7308's to the Tesla/JJ E88CC's which were also better than the Sovteks. These were the first 7308's I have used and was very impressed. 7308 Sylvania Low-Noise Cryo-treated Customer Comments: ------------------------------------------------------- I just wanted to write and say thanks for the 7308 cryo-treated tube. The improvement is quite unbelievable and has proved to be a huge upgrade for my system! Before I was using a very good 6922 Tungsol in my preamp but after installing the 7308 everything got better. And I do mean everything! More detail, tighter bass, greater transparency, a giant soundstage, all combined in a smooth, open, and effortless presentation. Also I was surprised when after ordering, the tube was in my hands two days later. What great service! Thanks for everything!
7308=E188CC TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY (very rare 7308, quiet, accurate, with high resolution and very low microphonics) - CJ ET3 - Audio Research TO BUY 7308 TELEFUNKEN

HISTORY: ------- Life Test = 10,000 hours (Vplate=100V, Iplate=15ma) Mechanical Quality = Shock and Vibration resistant (uprated over 6922 or CCa) 7308 will probably not last 10,000 hours if Vplate=200-220V ELECTRICAL DATA: --------------- MAX RATINGS: ----------- Heater voltage 6.3V Heater current 335mA Max plate voltage (Plate current = 0ma) 400V Max operating plate voltage 220V Max plate dissipation 1.5W Max plate current 20mA Max grid voltage -100V TYPICAL OPERATION: (for 10,000 hour life) ----------------- Heater = 6.3 Heater Current = 335ma (range is 318ma - 352ma) Vplate = 100V Vgrid = -1.2V Iplate = 15ma Rplate = 2650 ohms Gm = 12500 (Gm under 9000 would be towards end of life) Mu = 33 Pa Max = 1.5 watts Best Sounding E188CC=7308 are these (7308=10,000 hour premium 6922 with low microphonics) 7308 Amperex Holland "PQ" white printing with 2 Stars on tube 1959 - 1960 7308 Siemens 1960's - 1970's 7308 Philips Miniwatt Holland 1958-1972 (the first series had 2 stars on each tube) 7308 Telefunken 1960's 7308 Mullard 1960's - 1970's, many have dimpled disc getter halo 7308 Amperex PQ USA white printing 1960-1967 7308 Amperex PQ USA orange printing 1967 - mid 1970's 7308 Amperex JAN and USN-CEP-7308 Amperex white label 1960's 7308 Sylvania JAN and Philips JAN USA late 1960's to early 1980's 7308 Siemens 1980's (avoid these, poor sound, all have getter halo on single post in center of tube)