Best 6SN7 pairs listed at:

6SN7 and Equivalents (click on links below to check stock) CV1988=6SN7GTY Brimar (STC) England 6SN7GT / 6SN7GTA / 6SN7GTB CBS (Hytron) $129/pair 6SN7GT / 6SN7GTA GE 6SN7GTB GE 6SN7GTB / 6SN7WGTA GE CANADA 6SN7GT Hytron 6SN7GTB JAPAN 6SN7GT Ken Rad ECC32=CV181 Mullard UK ECC33=6SN7GT Mullard UK B65=6SN7GT Osram UK 6SN7GTB / 6SN7WGTA Philips USA 6SN7GT Raytheon VT-231=6SN7GT / 6SN7GT / 6SN7GTA RCA 6SN7GTB RCA (recommended) 5692 RCA Red Base and CBS Hytron brown base VT-231=6SN7GT 1940's 6SN7W Sylvania 1941-1945 (in stock) 6SN7GT / 6SN7GTA Sylvania chrome top 1946-1953 6SN7GTB Sylvania 1950's 6SN7GTB Sylvania 1960 - 1970's ($99 - $149/pair) (best value) 6SN7WGTA Sylvania brown base 1960 - 1970's VT-231=6SN7GT coated glass 1942-1944 (in stock) 6SN7GT / 6SN7GTB Tungsol 1940's - 1960's 6SN7GTB Westinghouse

6SN7GT US BRANDS TECHNICAL INFORMATION (6SN7GT and VT-231 have a 300VDC Max Plate Voltage rating, most are 1940's) (6SN7GTA is improved, uprated to 7.5 watts plate dissipation, 450VDC Plate Voltage rating, electrically similar to 6CG7) (6SN7GTB is a controlled warm-up version of 6SN7GTA; 11 second heater warmup, 450VDC Plate Voltage rating. It also has 200VDC heater/cathode voltage rating) (6SN7WGT is final ruggedized version with heater-cathode voltage uprated from 100 to 250 volts) (5692=6SN7GT substitute only if the maximum plate voltage is held under 275VDC. It is exceptionally stable, has a very rigid construction and very uniform triode sections. 10,000-hour lifespan.) (6J5GT = 1/2 6SN7GT) (Variants of 6SN7GT=1633, 5692, 6042, 6180, VT-231, CV170)
CV1988=6SN7GTY / 6SN7GT Brimar England 1950's-1970's (highly recommended, the best sounding 6SN7 for the money; it's strengths are its super soundstage - very wide open sound, it's a very musical tube, good midrange detail and high-end extension, bass ok but not thunderous) - Deja Vu Audio Type 45 amp - Cary preamps and amps - Singlepower - Ultraverve - Wyetech Topaz 572B SET amp - Cary / AE-3 DJH preamp TO BUY CV1988=6SN7GTY Brimar UK
SONIC COMMENTS ON CV1988 Brimar BLACK BASE 1970: ----------------------------------------------- "I am now listening to the Brimar CV1988 tubes. They are awesome! As compared to Sylvainia VT-231, they highs are more remote, and the bass is much lower and more prominent. They give an excellent and very lifelike presentation of orchestral works. Very dynamic overall performer! I will further experiment with different I/C cables. - Alexander" SONIC COMMENTS ON CV1988 versus CV181: ------------------------------------- "The ECC32/CV181 is my favorite. The music becomes alive, with more dynamics and realism. Its like the band moved into my living room. My wife liked the CV1988 for vocals, it's so smooth, detailed, transparent, and fills the room with sound from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Simply put, both tubes are excellent and way better than anything I've heard. Of course both tubes are still breaking-in so I expect them to only get better"

6SN7GTA / 6SN7GTB CBS USA 1950's - 1960 TO BUY 6SN7GTB CBS

6SN7GT / 6SN7GTA GE 1950-1955 (top rated 6SN7; nice imaging and romantic, satisfying sound, very good bass and accurate, detailed midrange) TO BUY 6SN7GTA GE

6SN7GTB GE 1955-1960 side getter (very clean detailed sound, nice high end, good when used with GE 211, not as warm as RCA) - COFFMAN LABS G1-A preamp TO BUY 6SN7GTB GE

6SN7GTB GE 1960's (very clean detailed sound, nice high end, good when used with GE 211, not as warm as RCA) (pairs available from singles listed below) - MFA Luminence preamp 1990 TO BUY 6SN7GTB GE

6SN7GTB GE USA / GE Canada 1970's (very clean detailed sound, nice high end, good when used with GE 211, not as warm as RCA) (most have SERIES FILAMENT, you can see they filament wire light up orange at top of glass) TO BUY 6SN7GTB GE

6SN7GTB / 6SN7WGTA GE CANADA 1970 (tall ribbed gray plates, copper grid posts, side-getter, very low noises) 6SN7WGTA brown base 1970 (low noise)

6SN7GT Hytron USA 1950-1955 (clear, open, detailed, nice overall 6SN7GT) TO BUY 6SN7GT Hytron

6SN7GTB JAPAN - Eddie Current Balancing Act 2010

6SN7GT Ken Rad 1940's - 1950's / VT-231 Ken Rad 1945-1950 (some report these are nice in Supratek pre's and I have used one in a Dehavilland Ultraverve) 6SN7GT Ken Rad 1940's (staggered black ribbed plates) All Ken Rad 6SN7GT 1940's - 1950 have copper grid posts sold) US NAVY-CKR-6SN7GT Ken Rad Kuhl-Tube NOS 1943-1944 cryo treated for 36 hrs, copper grid posts, coated glass, staggered plates

ECC32=CV181 Mullard / ECC33=6SN7GT Mullard to see ECC32=CV181 Mullard STOCK AND PICTURES

B65 Osram UK 1950's
6SN7WGTA Philips USA 1980's

6SN7GT / 6SN7GTB / 6SN7WGT / VT-231 Raytheon USA 1940's - 1960's - Supratek - Wheatfield HA-2 headphone - Cary - Rogue - Canary Audio - Apex Pinnacle Headphone Amplifier and Stereo Preamplifier by Peter Millett TO BUY 6SN7GT Raytheon
REFERENCE PICTURES: ------------------ VT-231 Raytheon 1944, 1945 (2 styles) 6SN7GT Raytheon 1940's, 6SN7GT around 1950, 6SN7WGTA brown base 1955 "U" getter halo

6SN7GT / VT-231 RCA 1942-1954 (most have gray phosphor coated glass)

TO BUY 6SN7GT Raytheon

6SN7GT RCA 1950-1953 - Ultraverve TO BUY 6SN7GT RCA

6SN7GTB RCA 1950's - 1961 (black base - black plates - red or silver printing - smooth rich sound) - Conrad-Johnson CAV-50 intergrated amp - Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk II.2 Amplifier - Antique Sound Lab AQ1006 Mono Block amps - CARY preamps and amps - Rogue Metis 2004 - Wright Sound TO BUY 6SN7GTB RCA

6SN7GTB RCA Canada 1950's

6SN7GTB RCA 1960 - 1970's (very good overall 6SN7GTB, nice warm sound) - CARY SLP-05 preamp - Atma-Sphere OTL amp - Cary CAD 300SEI TO BUY 6SN7GTB RCA

6SN7GT Russian (older NOS)

6SN7GT / VT-231 Sylvania 1940-1945 (very musical tube from top to bottom, smooth non-grainy midrange, wide-deep and open soundstage, extended high end, this tube does alot of things right, somewhat soft deep bass) - Singlepower SDS-XLR - CARY - Yagin CD3 Tube buffer TO BUY 6SN7GT SYLVANIA
VT-231 SONIC COMMENTS: --------------------- "I checked the Sylvania VT-231 tubes today at last. (I checked the Brimar CV1988 earlier with my Cary SLI-80 integrated as soon as I received them and liked them at once). I inserted the Sylvania VT-231 tubes in another amp - the EL-34 powered Cary SLI-50 integrated in place of KenRad CKR 6SN7 GT. I can say that both sound awesome. The Sylvalia VT-231 tubes are not only very sairy and detailed, they also have very articulate bass. - Alexander"

6SN7W Sylvania - ALO Audio Studio Six - Yaqin SD-CD3 TO BUY 6SN7W SYLVANIA
Sonic Comments: -------------- "Received the 6SN7Ws yesterday -- plugged them in last night -- they really made a difference -- the music coming out of my gear is the most lifelike I've heard so far" Sonic Comments on 6SN7W: ----------------------- "When I put the 6SN7W into my preamp the other night, my mouth literally hung open -- the difference in sound was night and day -- a film composer buddy of mine stopped by -- we put on a couple of his soundtracks -- his comment was that he'd never heard his music reproduced in such a natural manner --"

JAN-CHS-6SN7W Sylvania (Metal Base) Chrome-Top 1942-1945 (many regard this as the best sounding US MADE 6SN7)

6SN7GT 1946-1953 (excellent overall sound; quiet, detailed and smooth, recommended) - Pagano 300B SET TO BUY 6SN7GT SYLVANIA
Customer Sonic Comments: ----------------------- "BTW, those “chrome dome” tubes I got are INCREDIBLE! In comparison my Ken Rad's sound dead. They do everything better including a near holographic 3D image."
6SN7GTA Sylvania (Chrome Top) 1950-1954 (excellent overall sound; quiet, detailed and smooth, recommended) - Pagano 300B SET TO BUY 6SN7GTA SYLVANIA

6SN7GTB Sylvania "Chrome Top" 1950's (1950's Chrome Top GTB and WGT are detailed, quiet, smooth, alive, musical, with good bass, a very good 6SN7) - Grant Fidelity (Yaqin) B-283 mkII tube buffer - Valvet Audio preamp - Singlepower PPX3-SLAM - Aesthetix Calypso - CJ MV55 - Cary SLP-05 preamp - Yaqin MS-34C - Modwright Sony 5400ES - Oppo/Modwright BDP-95 - VAC Renaissance 30/30 MKIII - Bottlehead Crack TO BUY 6SN7GTB Sylvania

6SN7GTB Sylvania 1950's - 1960 (not chrome top) (excellent 6SN7GTB, probably 2nd only to Tungsol, most have very low noise and no microphonics, very smooth, good bass, reliable) - Cary SLP-05 preamp TO BUY 6SN7GB SYLVANIA

6SN7GTB Sylvania 1960 - 1980 (Excellent 6SN7GTB) (nice detail, smooth sound, good bass, these are probably the best overall sounding 6SN7GTB) Kebschull 35/70 Cavalli Liquid Glass Rogue Audio 99 Magnum Cary SLP-05, SLI-80 Atma-Sphere amps DeHavilland preamp Audio Aero Prestige mono amps Audio Note 300B amp Antique Sound Lab Flora EX - DT Tektron Integrated amp TO BUY 6SN7GTB Sylvania
TO BUY 6SN7GTB Sylvania
TO BUY 6SN7GTB Sylvania
TO BUY 6SN7GTB Sylvania

6SN7GTB Sylvania coin-base / wafer-base 1970's - 1980's (good value) TO BUY 6SN7GTB SYLVANIA

6SN7WGT / 6SN7WGTA Sylvania brown base 1950 - 1960 (Chrome Top) "real nice 6SN7, very tidy and well-behaved, smooth without being boring, good overall package without being squeaky and dull, these 6SN7 are highly recommended" - Cary preamps and amps - Audio Note TO BUY 6SN7WGT SYLVANIA

6SN7WGT / 6SN7WGTA Sylvania 1960-1985 (detailed, clean - open sound, good bass and high-end, not colored or tubey, very quiet - non microphonic 6SN7) (LOW NOISE - LOW MICROPHONICS) - AUDIO NOTE CONQUEST AMP - Cary - Ultraverve TO BUY 6SN7WGT SYLVANIA

VT-231=6SN7GT Tungsol Black Round Plates 1940's (great sounding VT-231, some say the best sounding US made VT-231) - Singlepower SDS-XLR - Cary SLP-05 TO BUY 6SN7GT Tungsol black coated glass
Customer Comments on VT-231 Tungsol round plates: ------------------------------------------------ "Dear Mr. Biever, Thank you very much for your nice business. I received VT-231's safely and installed them on my SV300BTE (Sun Audio) immediately. I couldn't hear any noise from KLL42006s (field type, high efficiency loudspeaker), so I misunderstood my system didn't work well. And then, I found they were so quiet, so dynamic, so 3-dimentional and so musical. I have never listened to such a wonderful VT231/6SN7. Your estimation of these VT-231's as being "platinum low-noise" is absolutely true! Thank you again for your nice business."

6SN7GT / 6SN7GTB / 6SN7WGT Tungsol 1940's - 1960's (superb sounding, low noise 6SN7GTB, good bass, lively sound - not dull) - Antique Sound Lab Flora EX DT - Cary TO BUY 6SN7GT and 6SN7GTB Tungsol
6SN7 TUNGSOL REFERENCE PICTURE: ------------------------------ LEFT TO RIGHT: VT-231=6SN7GT Tungsol round plates 1940's, GTB tall bottle 1956, GTB short bottle/tall base 1955, GTB 1964

6SN7GTB Westinghouse USA

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