Best EL34 listed at:

(click on links below to check stock) Philips Holland metal base 1955-1958 Philips Holland brown base double "D" getter halo 1958-1962 GE Big Bottle 1970s JAPAN 1960s - 1970s Mullard XF1 "FAT BASE" and welded plates 1958 - 1962 Mullard XF2 welded plates 1962 - 1973 Mullard XF3 stapled plates 1973 - 1975 Mullard XF4 stapled plates late 1975 - 1980 RFT East Germany 1970's Siemens East Germany 1970s - 1980s (dimple top) SED Winged "C" Russia (current production) Sylvania "Big Bottle" 1970s Telefunken West Germany metal base and black base 1950s - 1960s Tesla brown base (Czech Republic) 1960s - 1980s

EL34 HOLLAND METAL BASE 1955-1958 (the best sounding EL34 of all-time are the metal base EL34 made in Holland 1955-1958) TO BUY EL34 HOLLAND METAL BASE PAIRS FROM 1954-1957

EL34 HOLLAND BROWN BASE 1958-1963 (2nd best sounding EL34 of all-time) TO BUY EL34 HOLLAND BROWN BASE STOCK

6CA7=EL34 GE (BIG BOTTLE) 1970's (very good EL34, one of the most rugged EL34's ever made, recommended, clean and powerful) TO BUY 6CA7 GE Big Bottle

EL34 JAPAN 1960's - 1970's (Matsushita) and (Hitachi) TO BUY 6CA7 Matsushita and Hitachi



EL34 Philips Miniwatt Holland EL34 HOLLAND BROWN BASE STOCK
EL34 RFT East Germany 1970's (RFT made Siemens EL34) TO BUY EL34 RFT Germany

EL34 SIEMENS GERMANY 1970's-1990 (very good EL34, sweet and smooth, nice presence, best value, the older the better) - VAC PA-45 mkIV monoblocks EL34 Siemens Germany (7 printing examples, reference picture) TO BUY EL34 Siemens Germany

EL34 SED RUSSIA (WINGED C LOGO) (manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia) TO BUY EL34 Winged C SED Russia

6CA7=EL34 SYLVANIA (BIG BOTTLE) 1970's (welded plates) (6CA7 Sylvania have spot welded plates) - Lectron JH50 power amp - Marshall amps - Matchless (35 watt Class A) - Woo Audio TO BUY 6CA7 SYLVABIA BIG BOTTLE

EL34 TESLA CZECH REPUBLIC 1960's - 1980's (brown base and double O getter halo) (Build quality is similar to EL34 Mullard XF2 with welded plates and double getter halos) - Marshall 1987 head - Marshall JMC 2000 DSL 100 watt 2003 - Marshall 50 watt Bass 1972 (model 1986) - Marantz 9 TO BUY EL34 TESLA BROWN BASE PAIRS
EL34 TESLA NOS 1969 Brown Base Welded Plates Dual Round "O" Halo Getter Military Cross Swords Logo Rožnov: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EL34 TESLA NOS 1970's Brown Base NOS Welded Plates Dual Round "O" Halo Getter Rožnov Factory EL34 TESLA 1984 Brown Base Welded Plates Dual Halo Getter Zavod Trinec Factory Code 37 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------