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EL84=6BQ5 PENTODE (click on links below to check stock) EL84 Amperex Bugle Boy Holland "D" getter 1950's EL84 Amperex Bugle Boy Holland / Philips Holland / Philips Austria 1959 - 1970 EL84 Brimar UK 1961 - 1962 6BQ5 GE 1950's - 1964 6BQ5 GE 1960's - 1980's N709=EL84 Genalex Gold Lion / GEC Great Britain 1950's EL84 Amperex Globe Logo JAPAN / TEN JAPAN 1960's - 1970's EL84 Mullard / Philips 1950's - 1970's 6BQ5 RCA 1960's - 1970's EL84 RFT France EL84 / E84L Siemens West Germany 6BQ5=EL84 Super Radiotron / Miniwatt Australia 6BQ5 Sylvania 1960's - 1980's EL84 Telefunken <> West Germany 1950's - 1960's EL84 Tesla Czech Republic 1980's - Kuhl-Tube cryo 6BQ5 Tungsol 1950's - 1960's EL84 Valvo West Germany EL84 Canada / Hungary / India / Yugoslavia / Russian

EL84 Amperex Holland "D" Getter Halo 1957-1959 Very sweet, incredible midrange, a reference quality 6BQ5, probably overall best sound. - TELEFUNKEN OPUS 2004 RADIO - GRUNDIG SO121 HI-FI CONSOLE 1959 - SCOTT 299A 1958-1960 - VOX TO BUY Amperex Holland 1950's

EL84 Amperex Holland "O" Getter Halo 1959-1970's TO BUY Miniwatt Holland and Amperex Bugle Boy Holland

EL84/6BQ5 Brimar Great Britain 1961-1962
Very balanced sound, excellent internal construction, superb EL84. Large thick copper grid posts, old red/black Brimar boxes. WOW!, those Brimar EL84's sound great in my Bruno Underground 30. Nice grind! Highly recommended, these 6BQ5 are only available from Tube World. (nice solid bass & great stereo image in headphone amp) - BLACKHEART BH5H - Bad Cat Black Cat 2003 - Shindo Montille - RM10 - Gibson GA-5 Skylark 1966 - VOX - Kustom TO BUY EL84 Brimar UK 1962
TO BUY EL84 Brimar UK 1962

6BQ5=EL84 GE USA 1958 - 1964 (OLDEST GE MADE 6BQ5 - orange or white printing) TO BUY 6BQ5 GE

6BQ5=EL84 GE USA 1965 - 1980's - Mactone MW-2A3 amp - Manley Stingray - Fender - SABA radio TO BUY 6BQ5 GE pairs
Sonic Feedback: "First of all I would like to thank you for recommending the 70's vintage GE 6BQ5s. Definitely money well invested. There is no question about the fact that they run circles around the Sovteks that the manufacturer installed in my Jolida 102-B"
N709=EL84 Genalex Gold Lion / GEC Great Britain 1950's Sweet sound, rare EL84's TO BUY N709 Gold Lion and GEC UK

EL84 AMPEREX GLOBE LOGO JAPAN NOS 1969 (high quality construction, similar build to Holland EL84 1960's) - Synthesis Ensemble - Manley Mahi amp EL84 Amperex JAPAN NOS 1969 (9-52 date code = 1969) (same build as EL84 Holland)
6BQ5=EL84 Japan The TEN JAPAN EL84 have taller plates than other EL84
EL84 Mullard Great Britain 1950's-1970's The best sounding EL84's are Amperex Holland, Brimar, Mullard and Telefunken. Best for: Reinhardt 18W (Marshall clone) [ ARCHANGEL SYSTEMS, INC. (Auburn, AL) ] TRIODE TRV-84HD made in JAPAN Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Junior 65amps London head [ 65amps - North Hollywood, CA ] 65amps Lil Elvis combo used by [ STEVE KIRK POP STUDIOS - OAKLAND, CA ] Consonance Cyber 20 headphone amp Dr. Z Carmen Ghia 2005, 2006 Leak Stereo 20 Lafayette LA-224A VOX AC10, AC15, AC30 LEBEN CS-300XS Lexicon Signature 284 Epiphone Valve Junior Shindo Montille Ming Da MC 84C07 headphone amp Manley RM10 Marshall EL84 amp 1974 Matchless C-30, C30 Elk Sonic 102 Japanese copy of a Fender Vibrolux TO BUY EL84 Mullard branded Philips Kuhl-Tube cryo
TO BUY EL84 Mullard NOS
6BQ5=EL84 RCA (all in stock have gray plate and gray coated glass, smooth and rich sound) Fender Tweed Almarro A205A Mark II amp Goodsell amp Orange AD-5 Audio Note Swart compressors TO BUY 6BQ5 RCA


EL84 Siemens West Germany 1960 - 1970's - Fender Blues Junior 2005 - ASL OTL headamp - Leben CS-300 TO BUY EL84 Siemens Germany

E84L Siemens West Germany 1960's - 1970's (uprated EL84) - Laney L20H - Leben E84L Siemens: ------------ TO BUY E84L Quads and Pairs NOS
1 quad) E84L Siemens NOS 1977-1980 rebranded for Radiotechnique France (RTC) 1982 in RTC boxes TO BUY E84L Quads and Pairs NOS

6BQ5=EL84 Super Radiotron / Miniwatt Australia Plates and internal structure similar to Amperex Holland 1960's, sweet sound. 6BQ5=EL34 Super Radiotron / Miniwatt Australia 1960's
6BQ5=EL84 Sylvania Black Plate / Gray Plate - Fargen EL84 amp - Grommes PHI-26M - Yarland P100 - Ampeg Jet II - Blackheart 6BQ5 Sylvania BLACK PLATE and GRAY PLATE TO BUY 6BQ5 Sylvania
TO BUY 6BQ5 Philips pairs

EL84 / 6BQ5 Telefunken West Germany Superb sound, the best EL84 for Train Wreck "Liverpool" or VOX AC30 guitar amplifiers; Clean and Crisp Tone. Curve Trace matched Pairs: (Vplate = 300V, Vscreen = 200V, Vgrid = -5V) (Pout = 12 watts @ Iplate = 40ma) TO BUY EL84 Telefunken

EL84 Tesla Czech Republic early 1980's (no printing - from bulk pack, purchased from former employee at Tesla) - best value EL84 TO BUY EL84 TESLA


6BQ5=EL84 Valvo (Hamburg, West Germany)
EL84/6BQ5 (left to right): TEN JAPAN (tall plate), GE JAPAN, Sylvania INDIA, Bell & Howell AUSTRIA
EL84/6BQ5 (left to right): Tungsram HUNGARY, Sylvania ITALY, Glotron EAST GERMANY, CV2975=EL84 EAST GERMANY 1977
6BQ5=EL84 Other US Brands / Canadian
6BQ5=EL84 Austria by Philips TO BUY 6BQ5=EL84

6BQ5=EL84 East German / Hungary TO BUY 6BQ5=EL84

6BQ5=EL84 India / Italy TO BUY 6BQ5=EL84

6BQ5=EL84 Russian (older stock) / Yugoslavia TO BUY 6BQ5=EL84

6BQ5 / EL84 / CV2975 DATA & RATINGS
Heater voltage: 6.3V
Heater current: 760mA
Max anode voltage (B+): 550V
Max anode voltage: 300V
Max anode dissipation: 12W
Max screen voltage (Ig2=0): 550V
Max screen voltage: 300V
Max screen dissipation: 2W

7189 / 7189A USA (uprated 6BQ5)
7189/A: 13.2 watts max plate dissipation, 440VDC max plate volts
7189A: has higher screen voltage voltage rating than 7189
6BQ5/EL84: 12 watts max plate dissipation, 300VDC max plate volts

Comparative Tube Ratings
  Vh Ih VaMax Vg2Max PaMax Pg2Max Notes
6.3 0.76 300 300 12 2.0 12 watts max plate dissipation with
300V max plate volts.
6.3 0.76 400 300 12 2.0 12 watts max plate dissipation with
400V max plate volts.
6.3 0.76 440 400 13.2 2.2 13.2 watts max plate dissipation with 440V max plate volts.
6.3 0.76 450 300 13.5 2.4 13.5 watts max plate dissipation with 450V max plate volts.

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