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6AQ8=ECC85 Dual Triode (Filament=6.3V @ 435ma, Mu=57, Gm=5700, the best sounding are Telefunken, Siemens, Holland and Mullard)
(click on links below to check stock) ECC85 Holland (recommended 2nd) ECC85 Mullard UK ECC85 Siemens West Germany ECC85 Telefunken West Germany (recommended 1st) ECC85 Other Brands
6AQ8=ECC85 Holland Mullard Holland, Philips, Philip Miniwatt, RCA Holland, Sylvania Holland (all made in Heerlen, Holland) - Sansui 220 - Harman Kardon TA5000X 1962 TO BUY ECC85=6AQ8 Philips Miniwatt Holland
TO BUY ECC85=6AQ8 Holland NOS and used

6AQ8=ECC85 Mullard England EAR 890 amp EAR 534 amp
6AQ8=ECC85 Siemens West Germany TO BUY ECC85=6AQ8 Siemens

6AQ8=ECC85 Telefunken West Germany - Luxman MQ80 amp - EAR 509 amp - EAR 534 amp - EAR 890 amp - EAR 834 Integrated amp - Scott 335 Tuner - Consonance M500 - Don Allen preamp - TL Audio iTube Valve Dock mk II (2010) - Music Angel KT88 MkIII Sonic Comments on ECC85 Telefunken: ---------------------------------- "The ECC85 Telefunken were installed in my EAR 509 Monoblocks. I'm using Tesla ECC803S for the front two stages, your Telefunken ECC85 as the main gain stage, and Sylvania 40KG6 for the output tubes. The increased dynamics and frequency extension in both bass and treble are immediately obvious, they sound much more alive. The noise level is lower, and the noise floor is improved, there is more detail, particularly in the mid bass/lower midrange. It's a major improvement over typical NOS 6AQ8=ECC85 tubes I've used in the past." TO BUY ECC85=6AQ8 Telefunken

6AQ8=ECC85 US Brands TO BUY ECC85=6AQ8

6AQ8=ECC85 Hungary / East German / JAPAN TO BUY ECC85=6AQ8 VARIOUS BRANDS