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What is your favorite-sounding 6922 of all time?
6922 Amperex JAN USA 1960's - 1970's: can be branded JAN-6922 or USN-6922
6922 Amperex PQ Holland "D" getter halo "Pinched Waist" 1958 (some branded Valvo)
6922 Amperex PQ USA "D" getter halo "Pinched Waist" 1959-1960
6922 Amperex PQ Holland 1960's white printing 1960-1967
6922 Amperex PQ USA 1960's white printing 1960-1967
6922 Amperex PQ USA 1968-1975 orange or green printing
6922 Holland 1960's: branded either "Philips", "Philips SQ" or "Mullard SQ"
6922 Lorenz, Stuttgart Germany early 1960's
6922 Philips Miniwatt Holland "D" getter halo 1950's
6922 Siemens Halske West Germany 1960's
6922 Siemens West Germany 1970's
6922 Sylvania Gold Pins 1960's
6922 Sylvania JAN 1960's-1982
6922 Telefunken West Germany 1960's
6922 Tesla Czech Republic 1970's-1980's
CCa Siemens West Germany "D" getter halo 1950's
CCa Siemens West Germany 1960-1974
CCa Telefunken West Germany 1960's
CV2493=6922 Mullard NOS 1960's-1970's
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