Best 6922=E88CC listed at:

6922 / E88CC / CCa DUAL TRIODE
(6922=Premium 6DJ8 with heater current reduced from 365ma to 300ma) (6922 will have a slightly longer lifespan than 6DJ8; in some cases 6922 will last 5-10,000 hours vs 3-4,000 hrs for a 6DJ8)
(click on links below to check stock) 6922 Philips / Philips Miniwatt / Amperex Holland 1958 - 1970's 6922 Amperex USA 1960 - 1970's 6922 and CCa Lorenz Germany 1960's 6922 Mullard UK 1960 - 1970's CCa Siemens West Germany 1950's - 1960's 6922 Siemens West Germany 1960's - 1970's E288CC=8223 SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1960's - 1970's 6922 Sylvania USA 1960's - 1970's CCa Telefunken WEST GERMANY 6922 Telefunken West Germany 1950's - 1960's 6922 Tesla (Czech Republic) 1980's (Best Value)
6922 Amperex and Philips Holland "PQ" Curved D-Getter 1958 - 1960 (...lively, transparent, detailed, extended highs...Yeow!!) - CJ ET5 TO BUY E88CC=6922 Philips Holland D getter

6922 Philips / Amperex Holland 1960-1969 (lush-rich-liquid midrange, sweet top end, very 3-dimensional, good bass) (very listenable 6922, this is a tube for you if you like midrange, it is not as neutral as a 6922 Siemens) - Avalon - Audio Research - Decco - LAMM LL2 - Manley Steelhead - Rode - Lamm hybrid amp - Blacknote CDP 500 - CJ LP66S NOTE: also see 7308 Philips and Philips Miniwatt Holland TO BUY E88CC=6922 Philips Holland Matched Pairs
6922/E88CC Holland NOS Pairs: ---------------------------- TO BUY E88CC=6922 Philips Holland Matched Pairs
Customer Comments: ----------------- "Dear Brendan, both tubes arrived in excellent condition! Although they didn´t have much time to break-in, they already sound fabulous.... it´s unbelieveable!!!! Your description about these tubes on your website fits perfectly. Everything sounds so smooth, 3-dimensional and musical. I already tried a lot of tubes in the 6DJ8/6922/7308 family, but this one outperforms them all. This is one of the biggest improvements I ever had in my system. This pair of tubes is neither microphonic, nor noisy. It's a pleasure to deal with you!!!" Customer Comments: ----------------- "I think my favorite tubes for listening to my classic old rock/popular music are the 6922 Phillips Miniwatt "SQ" Holland because they are ultra quiet and have glorious highs to match their glorious low/midrange." Customer Comments: ----------------- "Thank you for your sending of E88CC Philips Miniwatt Holland. These tubes arrived safely and sound great. Actually they bring my system in much higher stage, like heaven. Quiet, smooth, dynamic and 3-dimensional sound. Music has become real. Always tubes you offer are nice. Hoping everything goes fine with you." Customer Comments: ----------------- "I purchased some NOS Amperex 6922s for a BAT VK-30 from you a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say thanks for your help. Now that the tubes are a little more seasoned, they have made a phenomenal difference in the sound of my system. The high frequency glare that I noticed with the Reflektor tubes is completely gone: highs have an extremely silky, fine grain structure. There is more air in the system: I sense more dimensionality in individual images, with greater silence between images. Midrange has a beautiful presence and palpability."
6922 Amperex USA Premium Quality "PQ" 1961-1975 (PQ=Premium Quality 10,000 rated hours) - Golden Tube Audio SEP-1 preamp - CJ ET3 SE TO BUY E88CC=6922 Amperex 1960-1975

6922 Amperex USA 1960 - 1970's TO BUY E88CC=6922 Amperex

6922 / CCa Lorenz (Stuttgart Germany) (rare 6922 and CCa) TO BUY E88CC=6922 Lorenz Germany 1962

E88CC=6922 / CV2493 Mullard 1960's - 1970's (This tube has been described as lively, musical and 3D sounding. A balanced musical presentation. Excellent choice for DAC's, preamps and linestages) - Synthesis Audio Italy Magnum 100 (2008) - various preamps - AUNE T1 DAC - Schiit Lyr 2012 - Decware

TO BUY E88CC=6922 Mullard UK

CCa: What is It? German Description: ------------------ Die folgende Valvo-CCa ist keine der "Gelben Serie" zugehörende, sie ist auch nicht tailliert. Es ist eine weiss gestempelte CCa die für die Post bestimmt war und auch entsprechend bezeichnet wurde. (Die Namensgebung CCa impliziert schon die Post-Zugehörigkeit, aber nur bei dieser wurde es zusätzlich auf der Röhre angegeben.) Sie besitzt den eingeätzten Code 7LH, darunter (Delta) 4D5. Die CCa ist eine Poströhre. Also eine speziell für die Post selektierte. (Besonders Rauscharm, Klingarm, besonders Langlebig.) "Klingarm" is the term for low microphonics. You often see Telefunken EF12K or AC701K, the K means Klingarm English Description: ------------------- CCa was a E88CC specially selected for "Post Germany"; special low noise, low microphonic, long-life 6922. Philips had similar selections for the "Dutch Post", some tubes are selected had "PTT" etched. The "German and Dutch Post" = telephone, telegraphie, telex, and the postal system. Much of the telephone centrals used tube equipment and for telephone equipment you want a "noise-free" enviroment. The letters "CC" probably equates to "double triode", and/or a for special design.
The Best Sounding CCa=6922 ever made TOP 5: ----- 1) CCa Siemens & Halske 1950's "U" getter halo and 1960's "O" getter halo "Rarest and most sought after CCa, has "gray shield" between plates, Most realistic sounding holographic soundstage, pure seductive sonic joy, complex symphonic images emerge effortlessly" 2) CCa Telefunken West Germany 1960's "excellent neutral holographic soundstage, vast vocabulary of tone establishes remarkable layers of harmonics, very rare" 3) CCa Siemens & Halske A-FRAME construction late 1960's - early 1970's "beautiful open air holographic images, low microphonic tube construction, rare" 4) CCa LORENZ West Germany early 1960's "beautiful open air holographic images, very rare" 5) CCa VALVO Heerlen Holland 1960's "real sonic holography, extremely rare" 6) CCa Siemens Rohre A-Frame early 1973-1974 (in stock, silver shield)
6922 with "GRAY SHIELD" 1950's - 1965 / "SILVER/CHROME SHIELD" 1966 - 1980's The "shield" is the "gray" or "shiny silver" plate (electrostatic shield) that is situated between the 2 gray dual triode plates inside a framed grid tube, such as a 6922, 6DJ8 and 7308. A "framed grid" tube is a high amplification(mu) VHF triode with a slotted frame around the grid to shield part of the grid structure and allow a controlled field of electrons to flow through to the plate.
6922 Siemens gray shield 1963, silver shield 1973
CCa=6922 SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1960's (Siemens 6DJ8, 6922 and 7308 are highly recommended, excellent clarity and extension) (CCa=Premium Grade low noise - low microphonic 6922, very transparent, excellent in all areas) - Schiit Audio Lyr headphone amp - Grommes PHI-26 - Earmax Silver Edition - Acoustic Plan Vadi (CD-player) - Einstein The Absolute Tune Integrated Amplifier - Rode mic - Graaf GM20 mono amps - Balanced Audio Technology VK-P10 phono TO BUY CCa Siemens Germany

CCa REFERENCE PICTURES: ---------------------- CCa Siemens reference picture Click here to see CCa Siemens Halske "D" getter 1950's (reference picture) CUSTOMER COMMENTS ON CCA SIEMENS 1966: ------------------------------------- "I had a friend over to listen and he was impressed with the Siemens ECC88, and then my daughter brought me your package (had to sign) with the CCa. We popped it in my DAC and were immediately impressed with the increase in inner detail and overall resolution. And the bass---wow! This is the top. I've never heard anything better, and to think-- I've got another one yet to be heard." Customer Comments: ----------------- "Brendan, you know what, the Siemens CCa’s are the "bomb" in my Scott Nixon Tube DAC"
CCa=6922 SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1970's (very good clarity, accuracy and high-end extension, low noise, good bass) (Special Selected Low-Noise 6922) TO BUY CCa Siemens Germany

6922=E88CC SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1960-1967 with "GRAY SHIELD" (very open, airy, transparent, detailed, and articulate bass with very good triode section matching and low noise) - Aesthetix Io phono stage - CAT, AI, ARC - Icon Audio PS3 MM/MC - EAR Acute CD player TO BUY E88CC=6922 Siemens Germany

6922=E88CC SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1967-1970 with "SILVER SHIELD" (very open, airy, transparent, detailed, and articulate bass with very good triode section matching and low noise) - Aesthetix Io phono stage - CAT SL-1 - Audible Illusions - Audio Research - ARC PH-5 phono - Herron VTSP-2 preamp - EAR TO BUY E88CC=6922 Siemens Germany
CUSTOMER COMMENTS ON 6922 SIEMENS Halske 1965: --------------------------------------------- Thanks so much for sending out the pair of 6922 Siemens Halske NOS 1965 to me so quickly. I received them yesterday and put them in my dac last night. I thought I would just put them in and let them burn in a little for 24 hours and then listen a bit more seriously the next night. Well, I didn't! Instead I stayed up for a couple extra hours and listened to CD after CD. The difference these tubes made to the stock Sovteks is simply amazing. More open and airy, more detail and sparkle, and more control in the bass. There is just more there there without any coloration. The soundstage is wider and deeper and voices are more in the room. I would have never thought that these two little tubes would have such an impact in my system. I can't wait until they are fully burned in.
6922=E88CC SIEMENS WEST GERMANY 1970 - 1981 (open, airy, extended top, detailed, articulate, neutral, not overly warm or tubey sounding) - Kora Hermes II Tube DAC - Decco Integrated amp - Audio Research - Lector - Manley Steelhead - Ear Acute TO BUY E88CC=6922 Siemens Germany
Customer Comments: ----------------- "The 6922 Siemens that I bought from you arrived today and I installed them post haste. The CJ 11A needed a little biasing. I played a couple of well loved songs. Jesus Marimba! Outstanding enhancement. Bass notes pop out of the speakers. Cymbals sizzle and ring. Backgrounds darker. More space. Everything is better."
6922 SIEMENS Kuhl-Tube WEST GERMANY (very open, balanced sound, very good top end detail, air and focus) SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- After two days I received the Siemens Cryo treated 6922. They are a "direct hit". Splendid overall. They give the Raven ribbons and the Cabasse drivers in my speakers all they need to give the most beautiful music. Let us not talk about all that technical stuff: sound stage, etc. etc. These tubes produce music at its best." I have installed your E88CC SIEMENS Kuhl-Tube Low Noise tube into my Digital Filterless Non-Oversampling DAC and was wondered with excellent transparent and delicate sound I never heard before.
E288CC=8223 SIEMENS WEST GERMANY (Specs: Vfil=6.3 Ifil=0.475 Vplatemax=250 Pwattsmax=3.0) Class Va Vg1 Ia Ra Gm Rk Mu A 100 -1.5 30.0 1,400 18.0 350 20-25 TO BUY E288CC

6922 SYLVANIA 1960's - 1980's (If you are considering a 6922 Sylvania, buy the 6922 Philips Cryovalve listed above which are made by Sylvania) TO BUY 6922 Sylvania

CCa=6922 TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY (These are the rarest factory graded low-noise 6922 in the world, simply the finest 6922) (CCa are factory selected Low Noise 6922, only 15% of 6922 Tele will be branded CCa) (Most of these CCa are from the same production batch with consecutive production serial numbers on the tubes, this is extremely rare) - Artisan preamp - Conrad Johnson - Audio Research - AN - Manley - Balanced Audio Technology VK-P10 phono TO BUY CCa Telefunken Germany

6922=E88CC TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY (reference quality 6922, open and clear with long-life, very musical 6922) (highly recommended, very good resolution-detail, but has some warmth, accurate reproduction) (If you want more resolution and high-end "air", buy the 7308 Siemens NOS 1972 listed on the 7308 page) TO BUY E88CC=6922 Telefunken Germany
- Cary Audio HH-1 hybrid headamp - Conrad Johnson ET5 - Cavalli Liquid Glass - Ambler - Audion Black Shadows 2011 - Rode NTK1 mic - RODE K2 mic - EAR - LAMM LL2 - LAMM M1.2 mono amps - Manley Steelhead - Convergent Ultimate mk1 2004 - Lector Phono-Amp System Mk II - Conrad Johnson GAT - Audio Technica 4969 mic - Opera Consonance Reference 5.5 - Audio Note - Audible Illusions L1 - Audio Research linestages - Audio Research VT60SE 1994 E88CC=6922 Telefunken Diamond Bottom Gold Pins 1960's: ----------------------------------------------------- TO BUY E88CC=6922 Telefunken Germany
SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- "I received the 6922 Telefunken tubes today. Very huge improvment over my old Mullard CV2493 in my DAC. Thanks for fast shipment and excellent packaging. - Igor" "I listened to the 8 x 6922 Telefunken yesterday with my LS5 ARC preamp, and yes, I have a Ferrari now, with the associated problems too !!! My room seems too small, the cables sound very bad (a room for improvement), and my neighbour doesn't like me anymore... To resume : I have very high definition, very liquid and smooth sound, deep and tight bass, large soundstaging, marvellous tones... I discover many details I never heard before and I can't stop listening whatever the kind of music. My amp is solidstate (the excellent D200 Gamut) but I have the impression the whole system uses tubes, except for the bass and dynamics. So, I discover that the preamp is a very important stage and the best tubes are necessary ! Thanks for the quality, you are the best ! - Frederic"
6922=E88CC TELEFUNKEN WEST GERMANY Kuhl-Tube "Cryogenically Treated" A reference 6922; this is the best sounding 6922 Telefunken on the planet
- Lawson L251 microphone - Manley Steelhead phono - Avalon Compressor - Rode NTK1 mic - Rode K2 mic - LAMM LL2 - next best options: TO BUY 7308
TO BUY 6922 Telefunken
TO BUY 6922 Siemens
6922=E88CC Telefunken 1960's Cryogenically-treated Customer Comments: -------------------------------------------------------------------- After reading about cryo tubes on your website, I decided to take a chance on one of your Telefunken 6922s for $245. This seemed, to me, a large amount to spend on a single tube, but the testimonials on your site were so glowing that I had to find out if they were true or not. I bought the 6922 for my Decware SE84-CS stereo power amp, which I’ve been VERY happy with. It has a volume pot, so I don’t use a preamp---I run my CD player directly into the power amp. The SE84-CS uses a 6N1P, 6DJ8, or 6922 input tube, two EL84 (wired in triode mode) power tubes, and a 5U4-style rectifier. Mine had an early ‘60s Philips JAN 6922 that I thought sounded pretty good. (I had tried several other vintage input tubes, but none were as good as the Philips.) The difference with the cryo Telefunken 6922 was instantly obvious and nothing short of phenomenal---comparable to upgrading a component. A big jump in the amount of detail, much smoother sound with less grain, and more natural sounding reproduction with more realistic dynamics. E.g., Miles' trumpet (on Kind of Blue) had never sounded so good---so much like a real trumpet---there was some brassy "bite" that had been missing before. I noticed wetter cymbals, more intimate drum skin sounds, and way better horns---now Coltrane's sax really wailed. After several hours of listening, this one tube was giving me (i) much better handling of high volumes, (ii) much more involving sound, (iii) a blacker background, (iv) a better balance of frequencies (i.e., greatly reduced "shout" during shrill notes), and (v) a deeper, wider soundstage with a LOT more "air.” Everything you want, from one little tube. I can’t thank you enough. I am absolutely delighted with my purchase. Customer Comments: I listened to the cryo 6922 Telefunken pair yesterday and I am still wondering if it was a dream or not !!! Only the input stage pair has been changed out of the 10 of my LS5 ARC preamp (the others are still 6922 Sovtek). But the sonic performance of my system is unbelievable: I had a good car before, now I have a Porsche. All the areas are improved: smoothness, transparency, clear bass, wonderful tones, big soundstaging, it's magical ! What's going on if I change all the 6922 tubes ? Will I have a Ferrari ? I knew there was something wrong with my system before, but I was about to spend a lot of money on power conditioner, cables, bass trap and so on. Everyone who uses the 6922 Sovtek in a preamp should change at least the input stage tubes, the 6922 Sovtek is very bad...! Customer Comments: Brendan, you did it again. Your personal recommendations have always been right on the money. And speaking of the money I certainly got what I paid for. I paid a premium price and got a premium tube. I have listened to Telefunken and Siemens CCa tubes and some Telefunken 6922 Falcon Grade tubes and these Telefunken Cryogenic 6922s you sold me this week are by far the best sounding tubes I have ever heard. The dynamics are superb. They are so musical. I can't imagine using anything else now that I have heard these. I'm selling all my 6922's and CCa's that I currently have to buy that other pair of these you have. WOW! - John A." Customer Comments: I have spent thousands of dollars on equipment. Purchased noise reduction equipment, swapped equipment and tweaked equipment. I've done everything I know of to capture that elusive sound of real, live music. Never did I think I would find it in two little tubes weighing a couple of ounces each for $400 the pair. Yes, they are cryogenically treated, tested and matched, etc. but what do I care, I just want to close my eyes and be their in the recording session or at the live venue, transported to the real thing! This is it! You know all the adjectives already, so why bother. Bottom line, I have not found anything that even comes close to what these tubes can do to a system. They simply take you from good HiFi to the real event! My only regret, is all of the time, money and effort I have spent trying to achieve what these two little babies could give me for a mere $400. Do yourself a big favor give Tube World a call, spend the $400 or $500 dollars or whatever it is and enjoy the return on your investment. You can then thank me and you'll be glad you did! Rick (A satisfied customer who just happens to love music) Customer Comments: Many thanks for the 6922 Telefunken Diamond Bottom 1960's. I have done a lot of tube rolling for the last couple of months and I have changed and tweaked alot in my system. I have some of the best custom cabling. I have some of the best 2A3 tubes and some excellent 1940 6SN7 in my monoblocks, but the driver tubes in my phono preamp kept tormenting me. I have tried many: some of your Sylvania Cryo 7308. I have tried the Siemens Cryo. I have tried the Matsushita (a good tube!!). I have also tried some Brimar. None come close to these Telefunken. All the tubes I mentioned had something special about them. In some ways the Matsushita was better than the the cryo tubes. The Matsushita was more transparent. In my system the Sylvania was the lesser tube, too veiled. From all these tubes, the Brimar had pretty good transparency. All is relative: these tubes are no slouch, but still I missed something...But the Telefunken does probably everything better. The sound is purer. A deeper a wider soundstage and a superb sense of dimensionality. Most of all the Tele's prove the other tubes deficiencies. That is, a clean soundstage and a superb bass, but really superb. The improvement in bass was so noticeable that, what I thought was resonance, and to a certain point distortion, in the past, thus a sound too muddled, too distortioned at higher volume levels, was almost absent now. I still have to do something about bass traps, but with these Tele's, this "urgent" need became less urgent. It took me a long time to take this chance because these Tele's are far from cheap and I was hoping the last couple of days that these tubes would really prove themselves. They did!!!!!!!
6922 Tesla Gold Pins (Czech Republic - 1980's) (very nice high quality 6922, best value) TO BUY E88CC=6922 Tesla Matched Pairs
* IF YOU'RE ON A TIGHT BUDGET, THESE ARE THE BEST 6922 YOU CAN BUY! - Einstein - Audio Note - Counterpoint Magnum Opus 1 preamp - Audio Research VT200 amplifier - Rode K2 and NTK1 mics - Avalon compressor - CAT SL-1 Signature Mark III preamp - DODD Audio linestage preamp - Sonic Frontiers Line 2 special edition - Eastern Electric Minimax CD player - Supratek Cortese preamp - Conrad Johnson CT6 preamp - Conrad Johnson 17LSII preamp - Audible Illusions preamp - Music Hall 25.2 - Music Hall 25.3 - ARC PH-5 phono - Peachtree NOVA - Raysonic CD - BAT VK-30 - BAT VK-3ix preamp - Akai reel to reel tape recorder - ARC LS-15 linestage - Blue Circle BC21.1 - Herron 3A - Pathos Integrated amp "Received the Tesla's just in time for my session...tried them in the Rode K2, brighter and clearer than the stock Sovtek 6922." TO BUY E88CC=6922 Tesla Matched Pairs and single tubes

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The Best Sounding 6922=E88CC Gold Pins ever made

6922 Amperex Holland "Pinched Waist" 1958, many branded Valvo
6922 or CCa Siemens Halske 1950's - 1960's (airy highs, great detail, solid bass)
6922 or CCa Telefunken 1950's - 1960's
6922 Amperex "PQ" Holland Gold Pins white printing 1960-1966 (older the better)
6922 Amperex Holland branded Amperex or Philips Miniwatt or Mullard Holland 
     or Philips Holland "SQ" 1960's
6922 Mullard 1960's
CV2493=E88CC-01 Mullard late 1960's to mid-1970's
6922 Amperex USA "PQ" white printing 1960's then orange printing 1967-1972
GB-6922 Sylvania GOld Brand Gold Pins 1960's
6922 Sylvania, many are branded RCA 1970's - 1980's
6922 Tesla Gold Pins - older stock (very good value)