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EF86 / 6267 / EF806S / Z729 PENTODE (click on links below to check stock) EF86 Holland and France 1950's - 1960's (best value) Z729=EF86 GEC England 1950's EF86 Toshiba Japan (Holland and France construction and sound) 1959 - 1965 EF86 Mullard England 1950's - 1960's EF86 Telefunken 1950's - 1960's (2nd best EF86) EF806S Telefunken 1950's - 1960's (best EF86) EF86 Valvo Germany 1950's - 1960's (best value) EF86 Hungary / Russian 1970's - 1980's
6267=EF86 Amperex Holland (also see 6084=E80F, best sounding are EF806S Telefunken, EF86 Tele, Z729 GEC, Mullard 1950's and Amperex Bugle Boy 1960's) - VOX AC30 Heritage - Microtek UM92.1 mic [ MEYER SOUND LABS (Berkeley, CA) ] - U67 - Luxman MQ-68C Best 6267=EF86 listed at: EF86=6267 HOLLAND 1955-1969: (Good Gm range = 900-1400, average is around 1200) --------------------------- TO BUY EF86 Amperex Holland

6267=EF86 France (same build and sound as Holland) TO BUY EF86

Z729=EF86 GEC Great Britain 1950's (probably the most musical sounding textured sounding EF86) (sweet and rich with very good tonal balance) - Vox AC10 - Matchless DC-30 - 65 Amps Monterey - Dr. Z Route 66 - Soundelux U99
6267=EF86 Toshiba Japan (Holland construction) TO BUY EF86

6267=EF86 Mullard Great Britain (sweet sound, very good rich sounding midrange) - Vox AC10, AC30 - Dr. Z Z-28 - Vox AC15HTVH head (install all Mullard tubes: EF86, 12AX7, EZ81, EL84) - Eastern Electric M520 - Matchless C-30, SC30 - Bottlehead TO BUY EF86 Mullard
SILVER SHIELD: -------------
6267=EF86 Telefunken West Germany (very clear, accurate, detailed, long life EF86 with very low noise) The Neumann U67 Tube Microphone and VOX AC15 Amp is just one application for these tubes. Neumann U47, U48 and U67 microphones were originally used by the Beatles' for their 1960's concerts and recording sessions. The group had used Neumann microphones on all their records so it was no surprise that they requested the same equipment for their US concert dates. These German made microphones are renowned worldwide for their warmth and big sound, a result of the internal Telefunken EF86 TO BUY EF86 TELEFUNKEN
- Microtek Gefell UM92S - Eastern Electric M520 amp - VOX AC10 - Soundelux U99 [ LUCKY DEVIL SOUND (Oakland, CA) ] - Neumann U47, U48, U67 - Manley Baby Tube mic - Lawson L47MP - Microtek UM92.1S mic [ CATFISH STUDIO (Lombard, IL) ] - U67 [Sugar Hill Recording Studios (Houston, TX) "Abbey Road of the South" ] - U67 (Bucbonera Records SL, Spain) - U67 [ Retromedia Sound Studios (Red Bank, NJ)] - Blue Bottle [ Vertigo Sound Lab (Boulder, CO)] - U47 [ Kyle Homme (Orange, CA)] - Shindo Monbrison Phono preamp - JADIS JP80MC preamp TO BUY EF86 TELEFUNKEN

EF806S Telefunken West Germany Low Noise (10,000+ hour EF86) (reference quality EF86 for the most demanding low-noise applications) - Brauner Microphones VM1 - Microtek UM92.1 mic - Neumann - Eastern Electic M520 amp - Bottlehead Tube Repro 2009 - Neumann U67[ TAREK MADKOUR - THE PRODUCER (Cairo, Egypt) ] TO BUY EF806S TELEFUNKEN

6267=EF86 Valvo West Germany - SHINDO - U67 - Microtek TO BUY EF86 Valvo

EF86 Hungary / Russian