5AR4=GZ34=CV1377 Full-Wave Rectifier (5AR4=5V @ 1.9A Filament, PIV=1500V, Imax=225-250ma)

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5AR4=GZ34 JAPAN 1970's 5AR4 JAPAN "X" raised edge on top of glass
GZ34 / 5AR4 SUBSTITUTE (with limitations) The 5Z4GT is a good sub for the 5AR4. To be a good sub, it must be INDIRECTLY heated (Most 5 volt rectifiers are DIRECTLY heated, but the 5AR4 / GZ34 isn't). Also it must be small, so as to fit into the same space as the 5AR4. The British type GZ37 fits the first requirement, but is alot taller, almost as big as a 5R4. The 5AR4 is rated up to 250 mA, and most stereo amps will pull a fair load from them. Some monoblocks, however, don't use half that much current. (example: the British QUAD II amps). For lower current requirements I recommend the 5Z4GT type which are an indirectly heated type very similar in size and appearance to the 5AR4. The 5Z4GT is good for 350 V on the plate vs. 450 V for the 5AR4. It also has a MAX DC Output current rating of 125ma vs. 250ma for the 5AR4. Use it as a sub for the 5AR4 only where ratings permit.
The GZ34 is an example of a typical high current rectifier for small equipment use. It is indirectly heated but the cathode is tied to one side of the heater. The transformer HT winding would be centre tapped. The centre going to ground. Each anode goes positive in turn and current flows. This way rectification takes place on every half cycle, and gives the name full wave. The wide glass tube envelope is 32mm in diameter, the base is wider, and the valve stands 72 mm high from base to the top of the envelope. This excludes the base pin length. (5AR4=5V @ 1.9A Filament, PIV=1500V, Imax=225-250ma) Characteristics and limiting values: Capacitor input --------------- Vtr 2x300 2x350 2x400 2x450 2x500 2x550 Vrms Io <250 <250 <250 <250 <200 <160 mA Rt 2x50 2x75 2x100 2x125 2x150 2x175 ohm C <60 <60 <60 <60 <60 <60 F Vout 300 350 400 450 530 610 V Choke input ---------- Vtr 2x300 2x350 2x400 2x450 2x500 2x550 Vrms Io <250 <250 <250 <250 <250 <225 mA L 10 10 10 10 10 10 H Rt 0 0 0 0 0 0 ohm Vout 240 283 326 370 415 460 V