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5751 US Brands / Siemens
(click on links below to check stock) 5751 CBS 5751 GE 5751 Raytheon 5751 RCA 5751 Siemens 5751 Sylvania 5751 Tungsol
5751 CBS Gray Plates and triple mica 1960-1961 TO BUY 5751

5751 GE Black Plates and triple mica 1950's (very good midrange detail, good bass, sweet sound, one of the best sounding 5751's ever made) TO BUY 5751 GE black plates
Customer Comments: --------------------------- Thanks for the recommendation of the GE JG-5751WA's from 1958. Wow! I didn't think it was possible for a tube to be so revealing (detailed not the right word) and musical at the same time. They could not have been made by human hands! Thanks again for everything. Dennis"
5751 GE Gray Plates triple mica 1950's - 1963 Sweet, smooth, nice mids, quiet, musical. - Crate V30H - Conrad Johnson PV12A + Premier 11A, Premier 8 - Conrad Johnson MV75A1 1983 - Jolida 1301 hybrid amplifier - PEAVEY CLASSIC 30 TO BUY 5751 GE TRIPLE MICA gray plates

5751 GE 1963-1970 (Double Mica) Smooth - warm - pleasent 5751 Hammond XK-3 combo organ McIntosh C2200 preamp TO BUY 5751 GE double mica gray plates
5751 GE 5-Star double mica (reference picture)
5751 GE 1970's - 1980's TO BUY 5751 GE

5751 Raytheon 1950's - 1960's (Raytheon are high quality 5751) CK-5751W1 Raytheon bblack plate early 1960's - WINDMILL GETTER HALO TO BUY 5751 Raytheon
Customer Comments: ------------------------- "I do believe I'm in love. The Raytheon black plate 3 mice (1961) is truly wonderful. I do like it better even than a GE BP 3-mica (1957). clarity, dynamics, bass. yum. This is in a Mapletree headphone amp. - Robert"
5751 RCA Black Plates "triple mica" 1950's - 1960 5751 RCA black plate triple mica Cryo-Valve Low Noise 1950's in stock. - Mapletree Ear+ Purist HD - CJ TO BUY 5751 RCA

5751 RCA Black Plates 1960's - 1970's (double mica) (RCA are very sweet sounding and a high quality 5751; low noise and good bass) - McIntosh C500T Tube Preamplifier - Aesthetix - VTL 7.5 preamp - Conrad Johnson - Fender Dual Showman 1972 - Jolida CD player TO BUY 5751 RCA

5751 RCA Black Plates "Command Series" 1960's (double mica) Warm, rich, smooth, quiet. TO BUY 5751 RCA

5751 Siemens West Germany Siemens: very detailed, transparent top end, tight articulate bass, excellent in a phone stage, linestage
or input stage of amplifier replacing 12AX7.
5751 Siemens: 1960's, 1968, 1971 TO BUY 5751 SIEMENS

5751 Sylvania Black Plates and Gray Plates 1950's - Genz Benz Streamliner 900 bass amp 2011-2012 - Mapletree Ear+ Purist HD - Jolida CD-100 sub for 12AX7's - JADIS Defy 7 amp - Jolida JD-9 phono preamp - Fender Champion 600 TO BUY 5751 SYLVANIA

5751 Sylvania / Philips Gray Plates 1980-1987 TO BUY 5751 PHILIPS USA

5751 Tungsol 1950's - 1960's Very good detail and upper midrange presence. - Dr. Z Maz Jr. amp - Fender Bassman 59 Reissue LTD Mod for Rock Harp Amp TO BUY 5751 Tungsol