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5687 Twin Triode (5687: Vfil=12.6V @ 450ma, Vplate max=330V (from RCA manual 1959) (Typical Class "A" Circuit: Vplate=180V, Vgrid=-7V, Iplate=23ma, Mu=17, Gm=8500, Rp=2000 ohms) (Plate dissipation (both plates) = 7.5W max) (6900, 7044, 7119 are all substitutes for a 5687)

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5687 GE
5687 Raytheon
5687 RCA
5687 Sylvania
5687 Tungsol

5687 / 5687WA / 5687WB GE 1960 - 1980's Audio Note DAC Sound Carrier 300B Marsh Manley TO BUY 5687 GE PAIRS

5687 Philips USA TO BUY 5687WB Philips

5687 Raytheon Black Plates 1959 - 1973 - Modwright Sony SACD player - Modwright Denon 3910 CDP - Audio Note M5 - Manley TO BUY 5687 RAYTHEON

5687 RCA Black Plates and Bronze Plates 1960's (very good sounding, more dynamic and spatially open than the Tungsols and excellent bass and instrument separation, the best yet in my Modwright...Ken) - TRON preamp - Modwright 9.0 - Emotive Audio SIRA - Ray Samuels B52 - Manley Shrimp - Audio Note DAC 4.1 - Almarro 340 amp TO BUY 5687 RCA

GB-5687 Sylvania Gold-Brand Gold Pins or Nickel Pins (very smooth, articulate 5687 with good bass, nice presence and long-life) TO BUY 5687 Sylvania
SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- Dear Mr. Biever, I recently ordered a pair of Sylvania Gold Brand 5687GB tubes from you. They arrived yesterday in perfect shape. I removed them from the USPS box and installed them as soon as I could. I wanted to let you know that I just finished five hours of listening and I am very impressed with the Sylvanias! They were installed in a ModWright 9.0 SE preamp. All the music I listened to had more of a "3D" sound to it, and detail was extraordinary, without being to hard or "etched" sounding. The music was sweet and inviting in the positive sense of the words, not a dulling of detail or a rolling off in the extreme frequencies. Female vocals were right there with you, and piano, one of my favorites, had such a real "lifelike" presence. Most of all, I appreciate the time you take to test and match the tubes. The tubes are absolutely quiet, and there is nary a trace of tube rush! I love this as the ModWright is a very quiet preamp, and I have come to expect the quiet passages of the music to be just that, quiet! This adds such a sense of realism to the listening experience. My concern with NOS tubes is that they are often times noisy, and it ruins the moment when a quiet passage in the music then sounds like Niagra Falls. This is definitely not the case with the tubes you sent to me. To be redundant, it was such a welcome benefit to not only get an excellent looking set of tubes, but a pair that is just a joy to listen to! My thanks for the wonderful work, and the excellent service you provided to me! My regards, Bob J."
5687 Sylvania 1960's - 1980 - Wheatfield Audio HA-1 2002 TO BUY 5687 Sylvania

5687 Tungsol 1950's (Special Selected 5687 cryogenically frozen for 36 hours, the best sounding 5687 in stock; exceptionally sweet and smooth, nice punchy bass. Superb in Audio Note "Ongaku", Emotive Audio "Sira" and MFA. All 5687's are specially selected for cryogenic treatment by Tube World.) CUSTOMER COMMENTS ON 5687 CRYO treated: -------------------------------------- I am extremely pleased with the 5687 Cryo tubes I received recently. I concur with the testimonials from other buyers on your site, but I would further add that once you have listened to a Cryo tube, you quickly lose interest in all other types regardless of make or pedigree. The cryo treated tube does things no other tube can do. Even tubes that normally would be considered mediocre under normal circumstances, once treated exceed the performance of the more exotic varieties. The last similar performance experience I had was when an Audionote Japan amplifier was trialed in my system. Unfortunely I could not afford the Ongaku, but I can afford the .
5687 Tungsol 1953 - 1960's (5687 Tungsol are recommended; smooth sweet punchy sound, Tungsol developed the 5687 around 1949) recommended for: --------------- - Audio Note M3 - Manley Jumbo Shrimp - Ayon CD player - Audio Note DAC 5 Signature and Audio Note amp kits, M5 preamp, M9 - KR Enterprise 32BSI integrated SET amp - Modwright 9.0 and Modwright Sony and Denon modded CD players - Modwright Sony NS999ES CD player - Opera Audio Consonance Cyber 800 - Zanden - Manley amps - LUX 300B amp - Kondo M1000 - Artemis Labs linestage - Emotive Audio Sira - Ray Samuels B52 and Raptor - Audio Tekne TFM-9412 - Sonic Frontiers Power 2 Amps - Audio Experience BALANCED A2 preamp (YS-AUDIO, HONG KONG) - Ongaku and Audio Note[ TRUE SOUND (Campbell, CA) ] - New Audio Frontiers Legend II preamp - Loth X JI300 - Audio Thrills - Mastersound - Sophia Electric KT88 Tube Amplifier - Icon Audio PS3 phono power supply - Almarro TO BUY 5687 Tungsol
5687 Tungsol Bronze Plates "U" getter halo: ----------------------------------------- listed below: 5687 Tungsol NOS bronze plates "U" getter halo 1959 TO BUY 5687 Tungsol
TO BUY 5687 Tungsol

5687 Tungsol Kuhl-Tube cryo-treated 1950's - 1960's TO BUY 5687 Tungsol

BEST SOUNDING 5687 and APPLICATION NOTES BEST SOUNDING 5687: ------------------ 1) 5687 Tungsol Kuhl-Tube cryo treated black plates from the 1950's (best for Audio Note, see Kuhl-Tube pages for stock and printing) 2) 5687 Tungsol ribbed plates 1949-1953, extremely rare (SOLD OUT) 3) GB-5687 Sylvania Gold Brand Gold Pins 1960's - 1970's (softer sound than Tungsol, Tungsol has more detail) 4) 5687 Tungsol black plates and bronze plates 1950's - 1960's 5) 5687 Raytheon 1950's - 1960's, many are branded CK-5687, JRP-5687 or JAN-CRP-5687 6) GB-5687 Sylvania Gold Brand "standard nickel pins" 1970's 7) 5687 RCA bronze plates 1960's - 1970's 8) 5687 Sylvania 1970's, some ara JAN 9) 5687 GE 5 Star 1960's - 1970's 10) 5687WB GE JAN 1970's - 1980's 11) 5687/5687WB Philips USA by Sylvania 1980's APPLICATION NOTES: ----------------- Exceptional high performance and tremendous reserve emission Out-performs all other tubes in its class Performance potential equivalent to 2 1/2 times that of 6SN7GT