Best 5670/2C51/396A listed at:

5670=2C51=396A Dual Triode (The 396A Western Electric is recommended over a US made 5670=2C51) (The best sounding 2C51=5670 are Tungsol, Raytheon then GE, RCA and Sylvania) (LM Ericsson Sweden is a nice 2C51, more detail than WE) (396A/2C51 Western Electric is warm and smooth) (396A/2C51/5670 is a substitute for 6N3P Chinese)

(click on links below to check stock) 396A=2C51 Western Electric 1950's - 1970's (sub for 5670) (recommended - warm and smooth) 5670 GE 1950's - 1960's (recommended) JAN-5670W GE 1970's - 1980's (best value) 5670 Raytheon 5670 RCA 5670 Sylvania 5670 Tungsol (recommended)
5670 GE - Glo Amp 1 - Elekit TU-882R (headphone amp) 2009 - Grant Fidelity DAC 09 - Sophia baby amp - Maverick Tube Magic D1 and D2 - Bottlehead Paramount 300B 1.1 - Sophia Electric Baby - Bock 251 (microphone) - Pendulum Audio Quartet I mic pre - BADA HD-22 TO BUY 5670 GE
1950's - 1960: (recommended) -------------
5670W GE JAN matched pairs) 5670W GE JAN NOS 1970's - 1980's best value TO BUY 5670W GE JAN

5670 Raytheon Eddie Current EC-01 Eddie Current Lunchbox II YARLAND FV34AIII SE EL34 amp Manley Labs Jumbo Shrimp preamp Maverick Tube Magic D1 preamp TO BUY 5670 Raytheon

5670 RCA black plates Xian Sheng Headphone Preamp 708B Mhdt Labs Paradisea DAC MingDa Phono Preamp YARLAND FV34AIII SE EL34 amp Yarland P-100 headphone amp Qinpu Q2 Qinpu A-6 integrated headphone amp Qinpu A-6000 MKII integrated amp Musical Paradise MP-D1 24Bit USB Asynchronous Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) TO BUY 5670 RCA

5670 Sylvania Gray Plates TO BUY 5670 SYLVANIA

5670=2C51 Tungsol - Maverick D2 - MHDT Paradisea 2007-2009 - MHDT Havana 2008-2009 - Singlepower driver tube - Guanvo XY Hi-Fi Ver 2.0 2011 - Manley Jumbo Shrimp - Quinpu - Panasonic - GLOW Amp One TO BUY 2C51 Tungsol
CUSTOMER COMMENTS: ----------------- "I Received your 5670 Tungsol 1959 last week, and i put it on the module of 2C51/5670 buffer in DAC system. The sound is clear and soft with thick moisture. Wonderful! Wen" Thank you for the fast shipping. I installed the Tungsol 2C51 in my Havana DAC and it sounds excellent! I had posted a message on the board regarding what I thought about the sound of the Havana DAC compared to my Rega Apollo - I didn't think the Havana sounded much different than the Apollo and I got slammed by a bunch of people. I listened with the stock tube and with a WE 396A and neither one sounded special to me. Well, the Tungsol definitely makes a difference in the Havana. It is much smoother than the sound of the Rega, which can occasionally sound bright on some vocals (excessive sibilance) and sounds fuller and more pleasing to my ear in my system.