TO BUY Type 45 pairs and single tubes

45 Power Triode and VT52 Triode (45 Special) (click on links below to check stock) 45 PAIRS 45 used UX-245 and CX-345 Balloon VT-52 WE Hytron / Philco / Sylvania VT-52 Tube Data
Type 45 ST-14 Triode - Victor RE-36 1929 TO BUY Type 45 pairs and single tubes
Customer Comments: ----------------- "the 45ís absolutely trounce the Sovteck 2A3ís even though they donít have much power. There is something very wrong with the Sovtek sound and I was beginning to blame Donís amp until I tried the 45ís. Iím not sure why people say the Sovtek sounds good, it is really coloured and harsh as far as Iím concerned."
Type 45 ST-14 Triode used/test good TO BUY Type 45 used/good

CX-345 RCA Cunningham Balloon 1920's
(Balloon 45 have a more liquid silky midrange compared to ST-shape) SET amp settings: Vplate=320V, Vgrid=-68V - Tektron TO BUY Type UX-245 and CX-345

VT-52=Type 45 (SPECIAL) / VT52 (Filament=7V @ 1.2A, Typical operating specs: Vplate=220V, Vgrid=-40V, Iplate=28ma, Mu=3.6, Rp=1.8Kohms) (VT52 was designed as an audio power amp tube, and is characterized by large filament emission, low amplification factor, and low internal plate resistance) Iplate readings taken @ Vplate=225V, Vgrid=-30V TO BUY VT-52

VT-52 / VT52 TUBE DATA VT-52 Tube Data: (VT-52 WE tested) --------------- 200Vplate, -15grid Iplate= 93ma Rp= 1Kohms Mu= 6.4 Gm= 6350 watts= 18 225V, -30grid Iplate= 63ma Rp= 1140ohms Mu= 4.5 Gm= 5090 watts= 14 250V, -45grid Iplate= 39ma Rp= 1329 ohms Mu= 4.35 Gm= 3120 watts= 9.75 275, -45grid Iplate= 58ma Rp= 1180 ohms Mu= 5.74 Gm= 4870 watts= 16