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WESTERN ELECTRIC TUBES (click on links below to check stock) 400A / 400B / 401A 403A / 403B (sub for 6AK5) 404A=5847 407A / 407B (20V filament) 408A (20V filament) 409A / 412A 413A / 413B / 415A 416B / 416C 417A=5842 418A / 420A=5755 421A / 422A 423A / 426A / 427A / 428C 429A / 430B / 430C / 431A / 432B / 435A / 436A 437A / 438A / 439A / 442A / 443A / 446A / 447A 448A / 448B 449A / 450A / 452A / 454A / 457A 705A 713A / 715A / 715B / 715C 717A 721A / 722A / 723A / 725A

(Western Electric Inventory last updated on September 27th, 2016)

There is no bigger name in the history of vacuum tubes than Western Electric. Western Electric engineered, designed, produced or experimented with over 785 different tubes from 1913 - 1988. Many of these tubes were superb sounding audio tubes that are still in very high demand today. These tubes include the 101D, 205D/E, 211D/E, 274A/B, 300A/B, 310A, 348A, 350B, 396A, 417A, 421A and 437A, just to name a few. Tube World stocks one of the most extensive inventories of WE tubes on the planet. Stock changes daily and prices continue to increase due to the scarcity of most WE tubes. A variety of cryogenically treated Western Electric tubes called are in stock; 396A, 412A, 403B, 408A

400A / 400B Pentagrid Converter (400A=1R5) T0 BUY 400A and 400B

401A=5590 Pentode (401A=similar to 6AJ5) T0 BUY 401A

403A Pentode (403A=miniature pentode similar to 6AK5 and 5654, 6.3V filament) (403B uses less heater power and has a longer life than 403A) - Little Dot Mk3 - Grant Fidelity tube buffer - Grant Fidelity B283 - Darkvoice 332 - Yaqin CD 2 TO BUY 403A

403B=5591 Pentode (403B uses less heater power and has a longer life than 403A) - Little Dot Mk3 - Little Dot Mk4 SE - Grant Fidelity tube buffer - CAD Trion tube microphone - Miniwatt EL84 amp TO BUY 403B

404A=5847 / F-55789 Pentode F-55789=404A TO BUY 404A

407A Dual Triode / 407B Dual Triode (407A=396A with a 20V filament) (407B=premium grade 407A with higher Gm and higher plate current specs, 20V Filament) TO BUY 407A

408A Pentode (408A=6AK5 with 20V heater; sharp-cutoff pentode) - Yamamoto HA-02 Headphone Amp - Little Dot Hybrid I+ TO BUY 408A Northern Electric Kuhl-Tube cryo-treated
TO BUY 408A Western Electric
408A LM Ericcson Sweden: -----------------------
409A=6AS6 Pentode TO BUY 409A

412A Full-Wave Rectifier / 6754 Bendix is a substitute (Filament=6.3V @ 1A, PIV=1250V, DC max ouput current = 100ma) - Shindoh 300B TO BUY 412A Western Electric
Click here to see 412A Western Electric and 6754=412A Bendix (reference picture)
413A / 413B Relay Tube (max peak cathode current=200ma, average 70ma, anode breakdown voltage forward and reverse=200V, anode voltage drop=62V, deionization time=2ms) (bulb contains 80% neon, 20% argon, and small amounts of krypton 85) TO BUY 413A

415A Pentode (415A=miniature pentode similar to 6AS6, 415A=409A with filament lowered to 150ma) TO BUY 415A

416B=6280 / 416C Disc-Seal Planar Triode (416B; Vp=200V, Ip=30ma, gain=3db / 416C; Vp=250V, Ip=45ma, gain=5db) (416C=416B with higher B+ voltage) 416B WE (Vplate=230V, Vgrid=0V and Vgrid=-1V, Iplate @ 0Vgrid bias and Iplate @ -1Vgrid bias is listed in tube listing) TO BUY 416B and 416C
416B: ---- sold out (Vplate=230V, Vgrid=0V and Vgrid=-1V, Iplate @ 0Vgrid bias and Iplate @ -1Vgrid bias is listed in tube listing) 0 tube $0) 6280=416B WE NOS 1960's (31ma, 10ma) 0 tube $0) 416B WE used/like new 1964 (27ma, 7ma) 416C: ---- 0 tube $0) 416C WE like new in white box 1969 (47ma, 14ma) 0 tube $0) 416C WE like new in white box 1969 (36.3ma, 8.5ma) 0 tube $0) 416B WE used/like new 1969 (31ma, 7.2ma)
417A=5842 / F-55788 / F-52984 Triode 1940's (5842=417A, F-55788=417A, the 417A WE sounds many times better than the 5842 Raytheon, the 5842 Amperex with Gold pins is a good substiture, Chinese version is 6C16) (Specs: Gm=24,000, Rp=1800 ohms, mu=43, Vfil=6.3, Ifil=295ma, Iplate=24ma, Vplate=150) (high transconductance, low noise) ALSO SEE "5842" LISTING: 5842 Amperex, Tungsol, Raytheon (F-52984=417A) - LAMM LP2 phono - Wavelength Signature 45 2004 - Robert Koda Takumi K-70 power amp - Psvane T-417 Reference Tube Pre-Amplifier - Supratek phono TO BUY 417A Western Electric

417A=5842 / F-55788 Triode 1960 - 1972 "D" getter halo TO BUY 417A Western Electric

417A=5842 Triode 1970-1980's "O" getter halo - Psvane T-417 Reference Tube Pre-Amplifier TO BUY 417A Western Electric

418A Power Tetrode (superb sound triode-connected) - Hovland TO BUY 418A

420A=5755 Dual-Triode 420A was developed in 1950, best sounding are the clear top versions made in the the 1950's Mu=70 WATCH OUT FOR RE-BRANDED FAKE 420A WEstern Electric listed on EBAY 2 examples: RE-BRANDED 5755 Raytheon
RE-BRANDED 5755 Raytheon
I purchased some of these and compared them to original 420A from 1960's - 1970's and original JW-5755 WE I have from 1950's I also compared them to 5755 RAYTHEON. These tubes are 5755 Raytheon RE-BRANDED as Western Electric, not original Western Electric manufactured tubes. Also, "JW SERIES" Western Electric tubes (especially JW-2C51 and JW-5755) were not labeled on Western manufactured after 1960 These re-branded tubes are dated 1977 or 1979 TO BUY 420A=5755 Western Electric 1950-1970

421A=5998 Dual Triode (421A=5998 and has slightly higher amplification factor than 6AS7G) (5998 Tungsol is the next best to the Western Electric 421A, also 7236 Cetron) (all 421A have spiral wound (pigtail) filament wires) - Fi 421A amp - Singlepower Extreme - Peter Millett - Alex Ederer SET TO BUY 421A=5998
5998/421A WE gray plate 1955, 421A WE black plate 1960's (reference picture)
422A Full-Wave Rectifier (422A=5U4GB)(Filament=5V @ 3A, PIV=1800V, Iplate=400ma max) TO BUY 422A
Customer Comments: ----------------- "A platinum pair of WE422A arrived safely. I found them to be great rectifier! WE422A makes everything accurate. Especially in lower mid and bass, 422A is superior to 274B. Additionally, 422A is very quiet, so silence among music became beautiful. Of course, the Tung-sol VT-231's from Tube World work very well together. I could not brush my SV300BTE up without your nice business. Thank you very much."
423C / 426A

427A / 428C Klystron
TO BUY 428C Klystron

429A Beam Pentode

430B/C TO BUY 430B

431A TO BUY 431A

432B TO BUY 432B

435A Tetrode TO BUY 435A

436A Power Tetrode TO BUY 436A

437A Triode (an outstanding low-noise triode designed in the 1950's for critical telecommunication applications and used as the input tube in the Wavac HE-805 Triode Amplifiers) (Mu=41, Gm=46,000) - Russian 6S45P-E = 6C45P = 9pin version of WE437 - WAVAC amp - Thomas Mayer Phono-Vorverstarker TO BUY 437A

438A TO BUY 438A

439A (ten-stage cold-cathode gas-discharge stepping tube) TO BUY 439A

442A / 443A / 446A / 447A TO BUY 442A

448A / 448B Tetrode (high transconductance, Gm=30,000) TO BUY 448A tipped top, tested on Amplitrex AT1000
What the reader needs to understand is the Western Electric engineering department designed a piece of equipment. The specs for the components were sent to the plant to be made up. If a capacitor was needed say with a value of .391 MFD that’s what the plant made. This was the same for tubes, the tube were designed for a new piece of equipment not the other way around. Granted most tubes have multiple uses, but they all started as custom tubes. In the days before satellites, all network video was transported buy bell microwave radio across the entire country. All of the ABC, CBS, and NBC video was transported buy the phone company. Due to the nature of microwave radio the longest normal hop distance to the next repeater station was about 30 miles. The route is never in a straight line. So a trip from New York to LA will have upwards of 150 repeater stations. So you take your base band video signal, base band being from almost DC to 10Mhz. The requirement was sent to the plant to produce the required tube. With typical operating conditions being, Plate voltage of +130DC Plate current of 25Ma, Plate resistance of 33K. power output 3.3 watts, bandwidth from 20Hz to 10Mhz. Distortion of less then 1%, And noise of less then –45DB. The western plant came up with the perfect tube. The western electric 448A, this is one of the rarest tubes western ever made. They were used in only one radio system. If you ever find any, scoop them up, try them in your next amp. They make the 417A pale in comparison. (NOTE: The 448A IS NOT! a sub for the 417A) George Brkich AT&T (from audiokarma.org) TO BUY 448A tipped top, tested on Amplitrex AT1000
448B: ---- 448B (inside of glass bulb is coated with AQUADAG to suppress fluorescence) 1) 448B WE coated glass and smooth top NOS original box 1964 $200 (51/20) 1) 448B WE coated glass and smooth top used/tests like new 1967 $125 (51/20) 1) 448B WE coated glass used/tests like new "tipped top" 1966 reboxed $125 2) 448B WE coated glass used/good, smooth top $99 ea
449A / 450A / 452A / 454A / 457A Reflex Klystron 0) 449A/449B WE 0) 450A WE 0) 452A WE 0) 454A WE 1) 457A WE used $50
705A Half-Wave Rectifier TO BUY 705A
1 tube $35) JAN-CW-705A WE NOS original box 1944 1 tube $30) JAN-CW-705A WE NOS 1940's in white box 4 tubes $35/ea) 705A WE NOS original boxes 1940's 1 tube $25) JAN-CRP-705A Raytheon like new 1940's 1 tube $30) 705A WE NOS 1940's in white box (on right) 1 tube $28) 705A WE NOS 1940's enamel printing flaked off glass in white box (on left) 1 tube $25) 705A WE used/like new 1940's
713A Pentode=717A with black bakelite base (Pentode, 713A=717A with black bakelite base) most made by Tungsol branded Tungsol or Western Electric by Tungsol - Yamamoto AO8 amp TO BUY 713A NOS Pairs

715A / 715B / 716C Tetrode Radar Modulator (715A original version, 27V @ 2.15A Filament, 14KV, 10A peak, 60 watts (715B improved version, has bigger heat radiating fins on grid rods, 26.5V @ 2.1A Filament uprated to 15KV and 15A, 715C is improved over 715B and is similar to 5D21) 1) 715A WE used/like new $50 2) 715B Raytheon JAN used/good $28 2) 716C Raytheon JAN NOS original boxes $60
717A=VT-269 Pentode 1940's (Filament=6.3V @ 175ma, Gm=4000, derives from 384A, led to 6AK5) (ALL 717A were made by Tungsol or Raytheon for Western Electric) - Yamamoto A08 amp TO BUY 717A
717A Tungsol / 717A Raytheon 1940's (some of the 717A pairs could have oxidation on the metal bases and the pins, if the oxidation is on the pins they will be cleaned) ALSO SEE 713A - bakelite base version of 717A Best 717A listed at6BL7 STOCK
721A / 722A Mercury Vapor Thyratron (722A is similar to 287A: 722A=3V Filament @ 8A, rated at 2500Vplate, 287A=2.5V Filament @ 7A, rated at 2500Vplate, 640ma Iplate max) TO BUY 721A

723A Reflex Klystron TO BUY 723A Klystron

725A Magnetron The 725A is fixed at 9375MHz +/-30MHz. 6.3V/1A heater, 16kV/16A, 60kW pulse output. Used in various radar sets. In AN/APS-4 it was fed by two 1B22 spark-gap switches in series. TO BUY 725A MAGNETRON

for 2A - 104D Western Electric stock

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