Best 2A3 listed at2A3

2A3 US Brands Double-Plate / 2A3 RCA Cunningham Mono-plate 1930's
2A3 RCA Black Plates 1940's (DOUBLE PLATE) (NOTE: USN-CRC-2A3 = JAN-CRC-2A3, same construction and all are early to mid 1940's) - Bottlehead Stereomour 2A3 - Melody - Ming Da Preamp - Musical Paradise 2A3 RCA "Double-Plate" Sonic Description: ---------------------------------------- "Very balanced, with great upper midrange extension. Highs are sweet and mids are musical. This is the classic bi-plate 2A3 and worth every penny, the best double-plate 2A3" TO BUY 2A3 RCA NOS 1940's

2A3 RCA Gray Plates late-1940's - 1950's (DOUBLE PLATE) TO BUY 2A3 RCA NOS pairs
JAN-CRC-2A3 RCA gray plates "D" getter NOS 1952-1953 TO BUY 2A3 RCA NOS pairs

2A3 MONO-PLATE TRIODE 1930's (The 2A3 RCA/Cunningham Monoplate with no support rods is the standard by which all other 2A3 are judged: the best 2A3. Various 2A3 Monoplate in stock. All 2A3 Monoplate sound superb. Most 2A3 Monoplate were made by RCA, Sylvania, National Union, Arcturus. Some are rebranded Philco, Lafayette, Triad, Silvertone. All will have engraved bases) TO BUY 2A3 Mono-Plate
2A3 RCA "Monoplate" Sonic Description: ------------------------------------- "A tube with delicious, deep and sensuous mids. Highs are sweet, liquid and extended, without a hint of sibilance. The bass is well defined and tight. Overall tonal balance through the sonic registers is close to perfect."