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WESTERN ELECTRIC TUBES (click on links below to check stock) 2A / 3A / 5A / 7A Photocells 3B24 5D21 / 5D21 ceramic sockets by EF Johnson VT-25-A WE ceramic base / VT-25A Hytron for WE / Sylvania brown base 1940's VT-52 WE / Hytron / Sylvania 1940's 101D WE Triode 101F WE Triode 101FA WE Triode 101L WE Triode 101M WE Triode 102D WE Triode 102F WE Triode 102G WE Triode 102L WE Triode 104D / 104G WE Triode

(Western Electric Inventory last updated on July 1st, 2017)

There is no bigger name in the history of vacuum tubes than Western Electric. Western Electric engineered, designed, produced or experimented with over 785 different tubes from 1913 - 1988. Many of these tubes were superb sounding audio tubes that are still in very high demand today. These tubes include the 101D, 205D/E, 211D/E, 274A/B, 300A/B, 310A, 348A, 350B, 396A, 417A, 421A and 437A, just to name a few. Tube World stocks one of the most extensive inventories of WE tubes on the planet. Stock changes daily and prices continue to increase due to the scarcity of most WE tubes. Special-selected cryogenically treated Western Electric 396A and 417A tubes called are in stock.

2A / 3A / 5A / 7A Photocells 0) 2A WE NOS miniature with flying leads TO BUY 3A Western Electric
TO BUY 3A Cetron
0) 5A WE NOS Phototube TO BUY 7A Western Electric

Western Electric Ballasts TO BUY Western Electric Ballast tubes
2) 11B NOS reboxed $5 1) 12A NOS $5 1) 12B NOS $5 2) 13C NOS $5 24) 13L NOS $5 1) 14A NOS $5 0) 121B NOS 1) 121B used $5 TO BUY 124A Western Electric Ballast

1B22 Spark Gap Modulator / 1B23 Spark Gap Switch 0) JAN-CW-1B22 WE 1) TG-163 Signalite spark gap NOS 1969 $20 TO BUY 1B23 Spark Gap Switch

3B24 Half-Wave Rectifier TO BUY 3B24 Western Electric

5D21 Tetrode (similar to 715B Raytheon and replaced by 715C Raytheon)
1 tube $20) JAN-CW-5D21 WE NOS 1945, tube tests good but is GASSY, tube in very nice condition 1 tube $10) JAN-CW-5D21 WE used/weak display tube 1940's SOCKETS: ------- TO BUY EF-JOHNSON 122-234-200 ceramic chassis socket for 5D21
TO BUY EF-JOHNSON 122-234-200 ceramic chassis socket for 5D21

VT-25 / VT-25A (Filament=7V @ 1.2A, Vplate=220V, Vgrid=-7V, Iplate=25ma, Mu=6, Rp=6Kohms) (The VT-25 is built exactly the same as a VT-52, BUT the plate and grid are spaced differently yielding different Mu factors and plate resistance)
TO BUY VT-25A Western Electric with ceramic base 1940's

VT-52 Triode (Medium Power) (VT-52 was designed as an audio power amp tube, and is characterized by large filament emission, low amplification factor, and low internal plate resistance) Also known as "45 Special": Type 45 with 7V Filament TO BUY VT-52 WE

101D = D-86326 Triode (AF Voltage Amplifier) (Vfil=4.5V @ 1A, Vplate=130V, Iplate=7.5ma, mu=6.2, Gm=1079, Rp=5800 ohms) TO BUY 101D Western Electric
TO BUY D-86326=101D Western Electric Tennis Ball

101F = D-91143 Triode (101F is an improved 101D, 101F consumes less than 1/2 the filament current of a 101D) (The 101F had a life expectancy of 40,000 hours, some were used continually in telephone repeaters for 12 years!) (101FA has a higher Mu=9 versus the 101F mu=6.5) TO BUY 101F Western Electric NOS Pairs

101FA Triode (101FA is a 101F with Mu raised to 9 for slightly higher gain in voice repeaters) TO BUY 101FA Western Electric

101L Triode (101L=Low Power Audio Triode, Lower Filament Current = 250ma compared to 101F = 500ma) (You can sub a 101L for a 101F) - Allnic HL 5000 DHT preamp TO BUY 101L Western Electric

101M Triode (101M=Quick Heating 101L) TO BUY 101M Western Electric Pairs NOS

102D / 4102D Triode Operating Characteristics of 102D when used as Voltage Amplifier: Filament Current (maximum): 1A Filament Voltage: 2.1V Plate Voltage: 130V - 160V Grid Voltage: -.5V - 1.5V Plate Current: .3 - 1.7 Ma Mu: 30 Rplate: 60 Kohms TO BUY 102D

102F Triode (102F is improved version of 102A, much longer life) (Vfil=2.1V @ 500ma) TO BUY 102F Western Electric
TO BUY 102F Northern Electric
(display tube with open filament) TO BUY 102F display tube

102G Triode "Tennis Ball" (102G is similar to 102D with lower insulation leakage and low sputter noise) Click here to see 102G Western Electric
102L Triode (102L=102F with lower filament current and higher Gm) (102L=Quarter Current 102D) TO BUY 102L Western Electric

104D=D-86327 Triode / 104G (104D replaced 104A, 104D has greater power output than 101D and 101F) Click here to see D-86327=104D Western Electric 0) D-86327=104D WE "Tennis Ball" 0) 104D WE ST-14 0) 104G WE
for 201A - 297A Western Electric stock

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