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WESTERN ELECTRIC TUBES (click on links below to check stock) 201A Triode 203A=VT-1 / 205A=VT-2 Triode 205D / 205E Triode (Tennis Ball) 205F Triode $325 - $625 ea 211A / 211D $925 - $1150 ea / 211E Power Triode $1350 212D / 212E Power Triode 215A Triode 216A Triode 217A Half-Wave Rectifier 231D Triode 239A Triode 242 / 242A / 242C Power Triode 244A Triode 245A / 247A 249A / 249B Rectifier 252A Triode 253A Rectifier 257A Triode 258B Rectifier / 259A Tetrode 261A Triode 262A / 262B Triode 264C Triode 269A Thyratron 271A Triode 272A Triode 274A Full-Wave Rectifier 274B Full-Wave Rectifier 275A Triode 276A Power Triode 281A / 282A Tetrode 284D Power Triode 286A / 287A Tetrode 291A Pentagrid Converter 293A Pentode / 297A Thyratron

(Western Electric Inventory last updated on October 12th, 2016)

There is no bigger name in the history of vacuum tubes than Western Electric. Western Electric engineered, designed, produced or experimented with over 785 different tubes from 1913 - 1988. Many of these tubes were superb sounding audio tubes that are still in very high demand today. These tubes include the 101D, 205D/E, 211D/E, 274A/B, 300A/B, 310A, 348A, 350B, 396A, 417A, 421A and 437A, just to name a few. Tube World stocks one of the most extensive inventories of WE tubes on the planet. Stock changes daily and prices continue to increase due to the scarcity of most WE tubes. Look for special selected cryogenically treated Western Electric tubes called .

201A Triode (side bayonet pin on base is 2nd connection for filament)

201A WE Tennis Ball used/good (3-pin base) 1917 pictured above Vfil=3V Ifil=1A Vplate=180V Vgrid=-1V Iplate=1.12ma Mu=42 Gm=570 Vfil=2.5V Ifil=1A Vplate=180V Vgrid=-1V Iplate=0.97ma Mu=38 Gm=425
VT-1=203A Triode (VT-1=2.5V @ 1.1A Filament, Vplate=60V, Iplate=2ma, Mu=6, Rplate=20Kohms)
VT-2=205A Triode developed in 1917 (VT2 has 7V @ 1.35A filament like Duovac VT2. In US Navy book it states 1.26A is sufficient for full emission) (You can find VT2 original data in an article written by Colpits. (AIEE 1919 Feb. 21th p.367 "Radio Telephony") (VT2 has same filament current as 101B = 1.3A) (205A was replaced by 205B, then 205D) (recommended plate voltage = 300VDC)
205D Triode Operating Characteristics when used as Amplifier: Filament Current (maximum): 1.6A Filament Voltage: 4.3V - 5V Plate Voltage: 200V - 350V Grid Voltage: -10V to -25V Plate Current: 17 - 25 Ma Zout: 3 - 4 Kohms Mu: 6 - 7.5 Transconductance = 2000 Maximum Continuous Plate Watts: 15W TO BUY 205D Western Electric 1920's

205E Triode (205E is low noise version of 205D) TO BUY 205E Western Electric 1920's

205F Triode (205F "FAST" = Quick Heating Filament) TO BUY 205F Western Electric 1920's
TO BUY 205F Western Electric 1920's

211D Brass Base Power Triode TO BUY 211D Western Electric 1940's

211E Power Triode Operating Characteristics when used as amplifier (used with 112-A WE socket): Filament Current (maximum): 3A +/- .15A Filament Voltage: 10V Plate Voltage: 750 - 1000V Average Plate Current for Plate Voltage 750V and Grid Voltage - 30V: 65 Ma Average Plate Impedance: 3.5 Kohms Mu: 11 - 13 Maximum Continuous Plate Watts: 65W (211A specs: Vplate=750V, Iplate=40-80ma, Mu=12, Rplate=3500 ohms, 50 watts max) (211A=211B=211C were the same tube graded as to filament current) (211D replaces 211A, except 211D operates at lower filament current) (211E are improved mechanically and electrically over 211D, 65 watts) (the 242C replaced the 211E in 1935) TO BUY 211E Western Electric 1940's

212D/E Power Triode / 4212E STC ENGLAND nickel base 4212E STC England = 212E Western Electric CV1252=4212E (F factory = Paignton STC UK)
215A "Peanut" Triode / VT5 / VT-5 (215A=VT-5 and CW-1344, CW-38015 US Navy Numbers) - HM Kipp Mercury Super 10 (1925) - WE 49 preamp TO BUY 215A Western and Northern Electric
215A WE original boxes with data sheet 215A WE and 215A NE 215A Northern Electric NOS "sealed" in original boxes (very rare), boxes are in VERY GOOD condition (these are electrically the same as WE 215A and to my eye have superior construction to a WE 215A) TO BUY 215A Western and Northern Electric

216A Triode (6V Filament, internal structure similar to VT-2, 101D can be used as a replacement but with shorter lifespan, used in No.10A Loud Speaking Telephone Outfit containing, 7A amplifier & 518W receiver) TO BUY 216A

217A Half-Wave Rectifier (217A = 216A without the grid)
231D Triode TO BUY 231D

231D WE with "engraved base": ---------------------------- TO BUY 231D engraved base
231D WE with "yellow printed base": ---------------------------------- TO BUY 231D

239A Triode (239A is similar to 215A and was replaced by 264C)
242 Duovac USA / 242A WE / 4242A=242A STC UK Triode (242A: Vplate=1000V max, Iplate=90ma max, u=12.5, work best at 900V and 55ma in SE amp, 242A will work in PP amp at 1100V and low plate current of 10-15ma) (242A is similar to a 211 but derated to 85 watts, originally 50 watts) (242B = 211 with carbon-plate, uprated to full 211 rating of 100 watts) (242C replaced 211D, 242A) (242C is a redesigned 242A with metal plate and is uprated to Vplate=1250V max and Iplate=125ma max) (4242A=242A) TO BUY 242 Duovac
1 pair $1299) 242 DUOVAC brass base / metal plate / tests like new / pre-1940, getter cup with mesh screen over cup, looks the same as 242A WE with same specifications 1 tube) 95.7ma very small 1/4" long slit/crack in metal plate, only visible when filament is on, does not effect performance of tube 1 tube) 94.2ma
242C Triode metal plate 1930's (242C replaced 211D/E)
244A "MeshPlate" Triode (244A has improved sound over Type 27 with 2V filament, nice midrange) (this tube sounds very nice in a DIY linestage) Click here to see 244A WE "Meshplate" 1961 TO BUY 244A

245A Tetrode
247A Triode TO BUY 247A

249A / 249B Mercury Rectifier (249B is similar to 866A) (249B Vfil=2.5V, 866A Vfil=3V)
252A Triode (one of the rarest WE power triode tubes) TO BUY 252A Western Electric

253A Mercury Rectifier (253A has 2-pin base for filament: 2.5V @ 3A Filament, PIV=3500V)
257A Triode (257A=231D with top cap for grid connection) TO BUY 257A

258B Mercury Rectifier (258B has 2-pin base and is same electrically as 249B which has 4 pins) (258B is a mercury vapor half-wave rectifier similar to 866A) (258B has 2.5V @ 7.5A Filament, PIV=7500V)
259A Tetrode Amplifier (similar to RCA 24A or 35) 1 tube $20) 259A WE used/tests 50% 1940's
261A Triode (Brass Base) (261A was replaced by a 276A and is similar to 211 RCA)
262A Triode (262A=low noise triode; similar to 1603 RCA metal which is a really quiet tube) (262B used in the WE 86C amplifier)
262B Triode (262A=low noise triode; similar to 1603 RCA metal which is a really quiet tube) (262B used in the WE 86C amplifier)
264C Triode (264C=Triode; low noise audio preamp tube, high input impedance) Vplate=100V, Vgrid=-8V, Iplate=2ma, Mu=7, Zout=13Kohms Vfil=1.5V @ 300ma TO BUY 264C

269A Argon Thyratron
271A Triode (271A is similar to RCA 801, 843)
272A Triode TO BUY 272A

274A Full-Wave Rectifier 1930's - 1960's (274A and 274B engraved base are superb sounding rectifiers) (274A is similar to 5Z3G, max DC current 225ma) (274B is similar to 5U4G, max DC current 225ma) TO BUY 274A

274B Full-Wave Rectifier 1940's (the best sounding 5U4G or 5R4GY substitute ever made, lots of inner detail, very clear extended and open high end and good bass, the 274B engraved sound soutstanding) - Melody HE-300WE TO BUY 274B
SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- Dear Brendan: Today, my friends and I compared WE 274B with different date codes; (engraved base, 1952, 1958, 1962) No surprise, the engraved base sounds the best. The 1950's sounds similar, but is inferior to engraved base. 1962 is much worse. But comparing to WE422, the 274B is better. We also compared the internal structure of 1952 with engraved base and 1958, we can see some portion of 1952 is similar to engraved base and some look likes 1958, it also means it did been manufactured in 1952. Thanks for your great tubes and hope to do biz with you again. Best Regards, Vincent Chen
275A Triode (Power Triode, half power variant of 252A) sold REFERENCE PICTURES: ------------------ Click here to see 275A WE Balloon Click here to see 275A WE Balloon with "Small Punch" Plate Click here to see 275A WE (3 Types)
276A Power Triode (brass base) (276A is similar to RCA 211; 100 watts, Vplate=1250V, Iplate=125ma, Mu=12, Gm=4000, Rp=3Kohms, Vfilament=10V @ 3A) (276A often replaced 211D and 211E)
281A Tetrode (281A=11 watts, similar specs to Type 46 but 281A has 5V filament and 46 has 2.5V filament)
282A Tetrode (282A=Vplate=1000V max, Iplate=100ma max, 70 watts max) TO BUY 282A Western Electric 1930's

284D Amperex Power Triode (similar to 242A WE and STC) (developed in 1937, replaced the 284A-B-C, is a variant of 242A WE, similar to 845 RCA with lower Iplate rating) (40 watt plate dissipation, 50 watts using 2 tubes, Iplate max = 64ma, Vplate max = 1250VDC) (mu=4.8, Gm=2500) TO BUY 284D NOS

286A Variable-Mu Pentode (286A was used in 13A and 13B Radio Receivers)
287A Mercury Vapor Thyratron (287A similar to the 5557 RCA) TO BUY 287A

291A Pentagrid Converter TO BUY 291A

293A Pentode TO BUY 293A

297A Argon Thyratron TO BUY 297A

for 300A - 399B Western Electric stock

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