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12AY7 / 12B4A / 12BH7A (click on links below to check stock) 12AY7 GE 1950's 12AY7 GE 1960's - 1970's 12AY7 RCA 12B4 1950's 12B4A GE 12B4A RCA 12B4A SYLVANIA 12BH7 Brimar UK 12BH7A Canada (Westinghouse, Sylvania, Marconi) 12BH7 / 12BH7A GE 12BH7A JAPAN 12BH7A RAYTHEON 12BH7 / 12BH7A RCA 1950's 12BH7A RCA 1960's - 1970's 12BH7A Sylvania 12BH7A Tungsol
12AY7 Dual Triode 1950's (Filament: 12.6 @ 150ma, Vplate=250, Vgrid=-4, Gm=1750, Rp=25Kohms) (Vplate=200V, Iplate=4.8ma, Gm=2500, Mu=47, Rplate=18Kohms, PWatts=.95) (12AY7 has lower gain than a 12AT7) (Also see 6072/6072A) - Leak Stereo 20 1962 - Fender Bassman 1954 - Fender Tremolux 1954 12AY7 "BOX PLATES" 1950's: ------------------------- TO BUY 12AY7 GE
12AY7 GE gray pinched plates "D" getter 1950's: ---------------------------------------------- TO BUY 12AY7 GE

12AY7 GE 1960's - 1970's (The best are RCA and Tungsol, followed by GE annd Sylvania) (Also see 6072A which is a low microphonics 12AY7: clean, detailed sound with "lacey" highs) - Fender 12AY7 GE NOS gray plates 1960's: ------------------------------- TO BUY 12AY7 GE

12AY7 RCA 1960's - 1970's / 6072 RCA (sub) (smooth, try a 6072A GE or CK-6072A Raytheon black plate as an upgrade) - Clark Amplification Anthony Wilson Model 112 Combo (sub for 12AX7) - Decware ZBox - Fender 5E8-A - Apex 460 (6072 or 12AY7) TO BUY 12AY7 RCA

12B4 and 12B4A TRIODE
12B4/A Low-Mu Triode 1950's - 1962 (12B4 is electrically the same as a 12B4A, except the 12B4A has a controlled heater warm-up time) (1950's 12B4 and 12B4A will have either a small "u" getter halo, a large "U" getter halo or a "D" shaped getter halo) TO BUY 12B4 and 12B4A 1950's

12B4/A Low-Mu Triode 1960's - 1970's - Mapletree Ear+ Purist Headphone amp - Mapletree Audio Design Ear+ Purist HD 2007 - Ultra-Fi linestage - Graham Ingle, Black Cat Electronics - Experience Music DHT - Wyetech Ruby GE: -- TO BUY 12B4A GE
12B4A RCA NOS 1960's - 1970 (Vplate=140, Vgrid=-15V) TO BUY 12B4A RCA
0 tube $16) 12B4A Sylvania NOS "U" getter mid-1950's (39ma) 0 tube $12) 12B4A Sylvania NOS 1965 green printing, slightly faded top getter (40ma)
12BH7 Brimar England 1950's-1960's (best sounding are RCA, Brimar, Tungsol, GE, Sylvania, Super Radiotron Australia) (nice in McIntosh and driver tube in Quicksilver 6C33 triode amps) - VTL MB450 - Blackstar HT5 2009 - Valvet L1 preamp 12BH7 Brimar England Black Ribbed Plates (5 printing styles) TO BUY 12BH7A Brimar England


12BH7 GE 1950's - Universal Audio 175 compressor - Melos Triode 400 - Quicksilver Triode amp - Sony Sterecorder model 300 TO BUY 12BH7A GE

12BH7A GE 1960 - 1970's - Wright Sound - Doshi Alaap Mk II 2011 - Quicksilver V4 mono amps TO BUY 12BH7A GE

12BH7 / 12BH7A JAPAN - Compressor Universal Audio UA175 TO BUY 12BH7A Toshiba Japan

12BH7A Raytheon 1955-1965 TO BUY 12BH7A Raytheon

12BH7 / 12BH7A RCA 1954 - 1960 "Black Plates" (smooth and rich sound, recommended for MAC gear) - Mapletree Audio Design Ear+ Purist HD2 2007 - Manley Neo Classic 250 mono amps - Audio FSK amp - McIntosh MC30 - Bottlehead Crack with Speedball - PAIRS SOLD OUT 12BH7 / 12BH7A RCA 1954-1960 with 3 different black plate styles
12BH7 / 12BH7A RCA black plates 1950's (3 tubes on left) and gray plate 1960's (far right)
12BH7A RCA USA 1960's - 1970's "Gray Plates" - McIntosh - VTL - Manley - Kora Hermes DAC in place of 12AU7 - Octave M90 mono amps ( - BLACKSTAR HT-5 (replacing Sovtek) - Luxman MA-88 amp - Requisite Audio preamp - Teletronix LA-2A Compressor/Limiter - Art Audio Diavolo amp - Ray Samuels - Kendrick Solo 7 - Valvet L1 TO BUY 12BH7A RCA

12BH7 / 12BH7A Sylvania - Octave M90 mono amps ( - Quicksilver Audio V4 mono amp - Quicksilver Triode amp - Thor - Doshi Alaap preamp - Art Audio Diavolo - Vexo S40 amp - Art Audio Carissa Signature amp - Art Audio PX25 amp - Universal Audio LA2A TO BUY 12BH7A SYLVANIA

12BH7A Tungsol Black Plates - Bottlehead Crack TO BUY 12BH7A SYLVANIA