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What?s your favorite sounding US- or European-made 12AU7/5814A (substitute) of all time?
7316=12AU7 Philips Miniwatt or Amperex Holland "D" or "O" getter 1958-63
B749=12AU7 Genalex Gold Lion England around 1960
12AU7 Amperex Bugle Boy Holland 1960's
12AU7 Amperex Holland 1960's (many branded Philips, Philips Miniwatt)
CV4003=12AU7 Brimar England "narrow ribbed plates" 1960's-70's
12AU7 Brimar England ribbed plates 1960's (some branded Ediswan)
12AU7 CBS 1950's
12AU7 GE ribbed plates 1960's
12AU7 Mazda France 1950's
12AU7=CV491 Mullard England "long plates" 1950's
12AU7 Mullard England 1960's - 1970's
CV4003=12AU7 Mullard England "box plates" 1960's - 1983
12AU7 Raytheon "black plates" 1950's
12AU7 RCA "black plates" 1950's
12AU7A RCA "clear top" 1960's-70's
12AU7 Siemens Germany "gray ribbed plates" 1960's
12AU7 Siemens Germany "chrome plates" early 1960's
12AU7A Sylvania 1960's
12AU7 Telefunken Germany smooth plates 1960's
12AU7 Telefunken Germany ribbed plates 1960's
ECC802S=12AU7 Telefunken Germany "special quality" 1950's-60's
12AU7 Tungsol 1950's-60's
12AU7 Valvo Germany 1950's-60's
5814A Siemens "long plates" 1960-70's
5814A RCA black plates triple mica 1950's
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