Best 12AU7 listed at:

12AU7=ECC82 and Equivalents (click on links below to check stock) 7316=12AU7 Philips / Philips Miniwatt / Amperex Holland 1958-1963 12AU7 Amperex Bugle Boy 1960's 12AU7 Philips / Philips Miniwatt / Amperex Holland 1960's - 1970's CV4003=12AU7 Brimar UK 12AU7=CV491 Brimar UK 12AU7 CBS USA 12AU7=ECC82 Radiotechnique (RT) France "Long Plates" 12AU7 GE USA 12AU7 East Germany (RFT) 12AU7 Hitachi / Matsushita / Toshiba JAPAN 12AU7WA=E82CC=6189 Philips by MAZDA France Chrome Plates 1960's 12AU7 Mullard LONG PLATES 1950's CV4003 Mullard Box Plates 12AU7 Mullard Ribbed Plates 12AU7 Raytheon USA 12AU7 RCA Black Plates 1950's 12AU7 RCA with top getter 1960's 12AU7A RCA Clear Top 1960's 12AU7 Siemens Long Plates West Germany 1950's 12AU7 / E82CC Siemens West Germany 1960-1980 12AU7 Sylvania 1951-1980 ECC802S=12AU7 Telefunken West Germany 12AU7 Telefunken Ribbed Plates 12AU7 Telefunken Smooth Plates 12AU7 Tungsol 12AU7 Valvo West Germany 12AU7 Westinghouse

What's the best sounding US- or European-made
12AU7 / 5814A of all time in YOUR opinion?

7316=ECC186=12AU7 Amperex Holland short-plate 1959-1965 (one of the best sounding 12AU7 ever made and very rare, excellent vocal reproduction) (rich textured midrange, 10,000 hour low noise 12AU7 substitute, highly recommended) * 7316 closest subsititute = See ECC82=12AU7 Philips Miniwatt Holland 1965 pairs * - VAC PA100/100 - Wavac pr-t1 preamp - Audio Note M1 preamp - Octave HP500SE (Germany) - VTL TL 7.5 MKII preamp - Audio Note M8 - Rogue Cronus - Concert Fidelity - Audio Valve Eklipse linestage TO BUY 7316 HOLLAND
Sonic Comments on 7316 Amperex Holland: -------------------------------------- "The first thing I noticed was how natural the human voice sounded. Not only do all the instruments sound more like themselves, but I can hear each instrument and voice more clearly separated on that proverbial soundstage. I will never ever be able to go back to "regular" tubes after hearing these." 7316 Holland 1959-1963 reference picture

12AU7 Amperex Bugle Boy Holland 1959-1962 (LARGE ROUND GETTER HALO) (sweet-musical overall sound, good bass, 3 dimensional sound) TO BUY 12AU7 Bugle Boy HOLLAND

12AU7 Amperex / Philips / Philips Miniwatt Holland 1960 - 1972 (lively midrange, sweet sound, good bass, quiet, this is not a dull 12AU7) - Ashdown Little Bastard 2010 - BK Butler Tube Driver - (2nd only to the 7316 Philips Miniwatt Holland and Mullard Holland, listed at top of page) TO BUY 12AU7 Philips Holland
TO BUY 12AU7 Philips Miniwatt
TO BUY 12AU7 Philips Holland
TO BUY 12AU7 Philips Holland

CV4003=12AU7WA BRIMAR GREAT BRITAIN (Tall narrow ribbed plates) (Balanced and smooth with long life) - Sonny Jr. Four-ten / Customized Harp Amp - Conrad Johnson PV 10AL 1993 TO BUY CV4003 Brimar UK

12AU7=ECC82=CV491 BRIMAR GREAT BRITAIN (ribbed plates like Mullard) (Balanced and smooth with long life) - Ampeg B200R pre TO BUY 12AU7 Brimar UK

CV4069 Brimar=12AU7 with "flying leads" Type CV4069 made by STC/Brimar of England. Internally, they are identical to the Brimar CV4003=12AU7/ECC82, normal size and shape, but they don't have any pins! Instead, they have nine wire leads. I have read an old spec sheet on these and the story is that they thought these valves were so reliable that they would NEVER need replacing. TO BUY CV4069=12AU7 Brimar Black Plates NOS 1960's
Click here to see CV4035 and CV4069 BRIMAR FLYING LEADS NOS

12AU7 CBS USA 1950's TO BUY 12AU7 CBS

12AU7=ECC82 Radiotechnique (RT) France "Long Plates" military grade (French subsidiary of Philips/Mullard) - Unison Research TO BUY 12AU7 RT Long Plates 1950's

12AU7 / 12AU7A GE 1950's - 1970's (also see 5814A, 5963, 6189) - Presonus Studio Channel and Presonus Blue Tube DP preamp - Bravo TO BUY 12AU7A GE
OTHER 12AU7 SUBS = 5814A and 6189: ---------------- TO BUY 5814A GE
TO BUY 6189 GE

12AU7 East Germany (RFT) (best value) (best sound for the money; low noise, smooth, extended) TO BUY 12AU7 RFT East Germany

12AU7 Hitachi JAPAN 1 platinum low noise tube $30) 12AU7 Hitachi JAPAN NOS rebranded IEC Mullard 1969 in white box (13/13.4ma) 1 low noise tube $25) 12AU7 Hitachi JAPAN NOS rebranded IEC Mullard 1968 in white box (11.3/11.6ma) 1 low noise tube $25) 12AU7A Hitachi JAPAN NOS rebranded Raytheon JAPAN ribbed plates plates and copper grid posts 1960's

12AU7 Matsushita JAPAN (good value, 12AU7 Mullard tooling) - FU-50 Amp TO BUY 12AU7 Matsushita Japan

12AU7 Toshiba JAPAN 1 low noise tube $45) 12AU7 Toshiba JAPAN "long ribbed plates" and "D" getter NOS made for DAYSTROM NICHIMEN 1950's

12AU7 PHILIPS by MAZDA (FRANCE) chrome plates - F2a11 triode connected amp made by Kurosawa Lab, Japan TO BUY 12AU7 Mazda France

12AU7 / ECC82 / CV491 MULLARD "LONG PLATES" 1955-1959 (smooth detailed sound - great vocal reproduction, superb midrange) - Head-Direct EF1 preamp - Allen & Heath VF-1 compressor - Ray Samuels - Eastern Electric DAC - Lexicon Signature 284
CV491=12AU7 Mullard long plates NOS 1955-1956 in stock TO BUY 12AU7 MULLARD LONG PLATES

CV4003=M8136 MULLARD "BOX PLATES" 1960 - 1983 (detailed and smooth, good high end extension) - Concert Fidelity CF-080LS Hybrid Line Stage Preamplifier - Ampeg SVP-PRO Bass Preamp - Velleman K4000 kit - Audio Note CD2 - ROTH AUDIO MC4 MUSIC COCOON 2009 - Eastern Electric Minimax - Hovland TO BUY CV4003 MULLARD

12AU7 / ECC82 / CV491 MULLARD ribbed plates 1960 - 1983 - Unison Research Simply Two Anniversary Integrated amp - Audio Valve Eclipse preamp - Scott Tuner - Cayin MT-45 amp - EAR 834L linestage - Bravo V3 Headphone Amp TO BUY 12AU7 Mullard

12AU7 / 12AU7A Raytheon USA Black Plates 1950's - 1960 TO BUY 12AU7 Raytheon black plates

12AU7 / 12AU7A Raytheon USA Gray Plates 1950's - 1960's TO BUY 12AU7 Raytheon 1951
TO BUY 12AU7 Raytheon Gray Plates 1950-1965

12AU7/A RCA Black Plates with top getter 1950's (also see 5814A and 6189 RCA black plates; the 5814A RCA sounds fabulous in the Antique Sound Lab KT88 amp) TO BUY 12AU7 RCA black plates 1950's

12AU7/A RCA Gray Plates with top getter 1950's TO BUY 12AU7 RCA 1950's

12AU7A RCA "CLEAR TOP" 1960's - 1970's (the best sounding US made 12AU7A, the 5814A RCA is also good from 1959-1970) (also consider subs 5814A and 6189 RCA) - Cayin MT-35 Integrated amp - Rogue Audio Cronus - Rogue audio Perseus + Rogue audio stereo 90, - Sun Audio 1000 - CJ PV10 - VTL 7.5 Series II - Ampeg - Aguilar DB750 driver tube - Odyssey Kandela preamp - David Berning ZOTL Pre One Audio Preamplifier TO BUY 12AU7 RCA clear top
TO BUY 12AU7 RCA clear top
12AU7A RCA clear tops used 1960's - no printing, all tubes will test over 75% (best value) TO BUY 12AU7 RCA clear top


12AU7 SIEMENS GERMANY "Long Plates" 1955-1959 (best sounding 12AU7 Siemens, better than Telefunken in mids and highs) TO BUY 12AU7 Siemens long plates 1950's

12AU7 / E82CC / 5814A SIEMENS GERMANY (detailed, wide-open sound, quiet, extended highs) - Decware Zbox (Unity Gain Stage) - Audio Note L2 Custom - Response Audio - Bottlehead - Ray Samuels Raptor E82CC=12AU7 Siemens Low Noise Pairs: (quiet and clear with extended highs) TO BUY E82CC Siemens branded VALVO and PHILIPS 1969-1973
Sonic Comments: -------------------- "Got the Siemens 5814A tubes yesterday, tried them today in my CAT preamp and they are TERRIFIC. Sound way better than my CIFTE 6189's, Amperex 12AU7's. They added a whole new level of detail, like when changing output tubes."

12AU7 Sylvania "Black Plates" 1950 - 1961 (detailed and smooth sound) TO BUY 12AU7 SYLVANIA 1950's

12AU7 / 12AU7A SYLVANIA and PHILIPS by Sylvania "Gray Plates" (try a 6189 or 5814A Sylvania as a very good sounding substitute for a 12AU7, for more details on 6189 and 5814A, search on those tube numbers) TO BUY 12AU7 SYLVANIA


12AU7=ECC82 Telefunken Germany Ribbed Plates (superb sounding 12AU7 and highly recommended) - Jadis JP-800 preamp - Art PRO VLA II comp TO BUY 12AU7 TELEFUNKEN RIBBED PLATES

12AU7=ECC82 Telefunken Germany Smooth Plates (excellent and recommended - slightly warmer sound than ribbed plates) - Ray Samuels The Emmeline II, B-52 fully balanced Headphone amplifier and full functioning preamplifier - VTL 6.5 preamp - Concert Fidelity CF-080LS Hybrid Line Stage Preamplifier (Japan) - JJ243 preamp (2007 model) TO BUY 12AU7 TELEFUNKEN SMOOTH PLATE PAIRS

12AU7 TUNGSOL 1950's / 12AU7A Tungsol 1960's (excellent 12AU7, probably 2nd to 12AU7A RCA clear top) (recommended; good substitute for 12AU7) TO BUY 12AU7 TUNGSOL RIBBED PLATES 1950's - 1960's

12AU7 Valvo West Germany 1956 - 1960 TO BUY 12AU7 VALVO

12AU7 Westinghouse 1950's - 1960's TO BUY 12AU7 Westinghouse NOS