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12AT7=ECC81 and Equivalents (click on links below to check stock) 12AT7 Philips Holland "DISC" and "D" getter halo 1951-1952 12AT7 Amperex and Philips Holland 1960's - 1970's 12AT7 Amperex and Philips France (RFT) 1960's - 1970's 12AT7 Brimar UK 1955 - 1960 12AT7 Brimar UK 1960's - 1970's 12AT7 / 6201 GE 1950's - 1980's 12AT7 East Germany (RFT) 1970's - 1980's 12AT7 JAPAN 1960's - 1970's 12AT7 Mullard UK "D" getter 1950's 12AT7 Mullard UK 1960's 12AT7 / CV4024 Mullard UK 1970's - 1980's 12AT7 Raytheon 1950's - 1970's 12AT7 RCA Black Plates 1950's - 1960's 12AT7 RCA Gray Plates 1960's - 1970's 12AT7 Radio Technique RTC France 12AT7 / ECC801S Siemens West Germany 12AT7 / 12AT7WC / 6201 Sylvania ECC801S=12AT7 Telefunken West Germany (recommended) 12AT7 Telefunken West Germany 12AT7 Tungsol 1950's - 1960's 12AT7 / 6201 Valvo Hamburg West Germany (recommended) 12AT7 Westinghouse

12AT7 Philips Miniwatt Holland 1951-1952 (rich midrange, lots of harmonic structure, good bass) TO BUY 12AT7 Philips Miniwatt 1951-1952
TO BUY 12AT7 Philips Miniwatt 1951-1952

12AT7 HOLLAND (superb lively sounding 12AT7, magical sounding upper midrange) - Victoria Regal TO BUY 12AT7 Holland
TO BUY 12AT7 Holland

12AT7 AMPEREX FRANCE / RTC France (same construction as Amperex Holland, many are branded Philips or Philips Miniwatt or Bugle Boy) TO BUY 12AT7 France

12AT7 BRIMAR GREAT BRITAIN 1955-1960 (narrow black plates similar to 12AT7 RCA 1950's with "D" getter halo in the mid-1950's or large "O" getter halo from 1958-1960) (highly recommended, very good sound, sweet like a 12AT7 RCA black plate 1950's, great mids) (the cryo version of this tube is outstanding!, highly recommended for the Berning ZH270 amplifier and VTL preamps and amps) - APEX 460 TUBE MICROPHONE - MXL V69 large diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone 12AT7 Brimar England 1950's TO BUY 12AT7 Brimar UK
comments: -------- I received the Brimar 12AT7's 1950's black plate NOS tubes yesterday. What a difference they made in the sound of the Van Alstine T6 preamp!! The unit is now listenable - still very detailed, but no harshness/fatigue/brittle sound etc. Those Electro-Harmonix OE tubes were crap! We can really enjoy the music now. They are well worth the money, and I am pleased with the fast delivery. W. Mcknight, owner of the indie record label; BFATS Entertainment: sonic comments: I was excited to receive the 12AT7 Brimar Black Plates NOS 1956 tube to upgrade my mic. The first two clients I recorded could not believe how much warmer there vocals were. These tubes are not the knock offs some other sites I have bought from are selling they are the real deal, and I will be purchasing other tubes from this site and doing more business with Mr. Biever in the future.
12AT7 / CV4024 BRIMAR GREAT BRITAIN 1960's - 1970's (square plate and round getter halo) TO BUY CV4024=12AT7 Brimar UK

12AT7 / 12AT7WA / 6201 GE USA (clear sound, good value) - Fender 100 Watt Twin Reverb 1982 - Lector CDP7 TL TO BUY 12AT7 GE

12AT7 RFT East Germany (very good value, quiet, sleeper 12AT7) - VTL Tiny Triode amp - VTL ST-150 amp - Manley Snapper - Croft Polestar 1 amp TO BUY 12AT7 RFT East Germany
SONIC COMMENTS: -------------- Initial impressions in both the Croft Polestar 1 hybrid amplifier and the Croft Micro 25 Basic + preamp are of a sound devoid of microphonics and smear. I’ve read where the RFT’s can bring a detailed and dynamic sound but be somewhat clinical in the process. Well, I welcome a bit of the “clinical” to Croft’s “romantic” sound and on my electronic music files, the RFT’s sound really good. Both of Croft’s pieces came with really good NOS G.E. clear top 5965’s; an input tube in the Polestar and just the 5965 in the line stage. But, after hearing the RFT 12AU7 in my AudioNote Kits DAC 1.1, I became of fan of their immediacy, detail, dynamics, and really quiet operation. The Croft’s are actually split up at present, a Rothwell Indus SE passive dual volume control (coarse and fine) linestage with the Polestar 1 and a pair of Roksan Caspian power amps (bi-amping ATC SCM12SL speakers) fronted by the Micro Basic + linestage. I am very happy with the RFT ECC 81’s I received from you Croft’s are sounding awesome!
12AT7 Hitachi / Toshiba JAPAN - Fender Bandmaster 1967 - Fender Concert (II) 1983 - JADE - Emery TO BUY 12AT7 Japan

ECC81=12AT7 MULLARD GREAT BRITAIN 1955-1961 with "D" getter halo (sweet rich sound) - Fender Deluxe Reverb 1964, 1966 TO BUY 12AT7 Mullard

12AT7 / ECC81 / 6201 / M8162 / CV455 / CV4024 MULLARD 1960's (smooth sound, good bass, sonically pleasing, reliable 12AT7) - Fender Super Reverb - Super Reverb Phase Inverter position V6 - Ensemble Evocco Integrated amp 1998 - Fender 65 Twin Reverb TO BUY 12AT7 Mullard

12AT7 / ECC81 / CV4024 / M8162 MULLARD 1970's - 1980's Jolida 302 10 pairs in stock) ECC81=12AT7 Miniwatt by Mullard UK NOS 1970 TO BUY 12AT7 Mullard
TO BUY 12AT7 Mullard
12AT7 Mullard used/good: ----------------------- TO BUY 12AT7 Mullard used/good and like new

12AT7 MULLARD made in Hyperlec Brive, Spain (Mullard Blackburn clones made in Spain) TO BUY 12AT7 Mullard made in Spain

12AT7 / 12AT7WC RAYTHEON Black Plates and Gray Plates - ART Pro VLA Compressor - Presonus ADL 600 mic pre - Manley - Juicy Music Tercel II phono pre-amp - Audio Experience BALANCED A2 SE preamp - Berning ZH270 - Fender - Doge 6 CD TO BUY 12AT7 Raytheon
TO BUY 12AT7 Raytheon

12AT7 RCA Black Plates 1950's - 1970's / 6201=12AT7WA RCA BLACK PLATES (sweet sound, nice midrange, the Brimar black plate sound similiar to the RCA) - Marshall Electronics MXLV69 Mogami Edition Studio Microphone - Berning ZH270 amp - Fender reverb tube - APEX 460 TUBE MICROPHONE - VTL amps - Two Rock TO BUY 12AT7 and 6201 RCA

12AT7 / 6201=12AT7WA RCA GRAY PLATES 1960's - 1970's - Fender reverb tube TO BUY 12AT7 RCA

12AT7 Radio Technique RTC France TO BUY 12AT7 RTC France

12AT7 SIEMENS WEST GERMANY (transparent, neutral, clean, quiet) - Eclair Engineering 'Evil Twin' Tube DI (direct input box) - Atma-sphere preamp - JC Morrison custom phono - David Berning Quadrature Z amp TO BUY ECC801S=12AT7 Siemens
TO BUY 12AT7 Siemens
ECC801S Siemens Munich Germany NOS 1981-1982 same date codes original boxes, copper grid posts - double mica (very quiet, high Gm, very good section balance, good detail, more neutral, good value)
12AT7 / 12AT7WA / 12AT7WC / 6201 SYLVANIA TO BUY 12AT7 Sylvania
6201 SYLVANIA: ------------- TO BUY 6201=12AT7 Sylvania Gold Brand

ECC801S=12AT7 Telefunken West Germany (transparent and open with very good speed and high end extension, accurate bass but not overemphasized, extremely low noise, very neutral, accurate, balanced, un-colored sound, work well in DACS and linestages, 10,000+ hour lifespan) TO BUY ECC801S Telefunken
10-12 pairs in stock TO BUY ECC801S Telefunken
10-12 pairs in stock TO BUY ECC801S Telefunken
BEST FOR: - Manley - VTL - Earmax Silver Edition - Lector CDP 0.6T - APEX 460 sub for 12AX7 - WAVAC 805 SE amp - Kora integrated amp - TUBE MICS
12AT7=ECC81 Telefunken West Germany (smooth and open 12AT7) - CJ PV10A - VTL - Manley audio gear - Manley Reference Cardioid mic - Atma-Spere Preamplifier MP-1 Mk. III - Lector CDP0.6T - Berning - Audio Experience Balanced A2 - mics - Art Pro VLA II - Monarchy SE250 TO BUY 12AT7 Telefunken
TO BUY 12AT7 Telefunken
TO BUY 12AT7 Telefunken

12AT7=ECC81 Telefunken West Germany - reference pictures and comments Comments in Manley preamp: ------------------------- Got the Fisher branded Telefunken 12at7 NOS from you -> very clear, fast, modest bass, very refined highs with no harshness, much better mid range detail, made the Manley preamp sound more expensive than it is. Click here to see 12AT7 Telefunken "Tektronix checked" Click here to see 12AT7 Telefunken
12AT7 TUNGSOL 1950's - 1960's (12AT7 Tungsol sound superb, especially the 1950's black plate; very clear, great upper midrange presence, extended highs, wide soundstage on my Magnepans, near the best sounding US made 12AT7) TO BUY 12AT7 TUNGSOL 1950's - 1960s

12AT7 / 6201 VALVO (HAMBURG, GERMANY) 1960's - 1972 (many Valvo gold pin 12AT7's are rebranded Philips Germany or Philips Miniwatt Germany or Philips Holland) (recommended, very nice sound, a nice lively midrange and very good bass, good tonal balance) - Earmax Anniversary - Lector - Berning TO BUY 12AT7 Telefunken

12AT7 WESTINGHOUSE (similar to 12AT7 RCA black plates 1950's) TO BUY 12AT7 Westinghouse
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