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(click on links below to check stock) 12A / UX-112A / CX-112A Triode 12A4 / 12A5 / 12A6 / 12A7 / 12A8 12Axx Series / 12AE6 12AQ5 / 12AT6 / 12AV5 / 12AW6 12AT7=ECC81 Dual Triode 12AU6 / 12AV6 / 12AV7 / 12AX3 / 12AX4 12AU7=ECC82 Dual Triode 12AX7=ECC83 Dual Triode 12AY7 / 12AZ7 12B4 / 12Bxx Series / 12BA6 / 12BE6 / 12BH7A / 12BY7A / 12BZ7 12Cxx Series / 12DM7 / 12DT8 / 12DQ6B / 12E1 12Fxx Series / 12FM6 / 12FM7 / 12FQ7 12GN7A / 12H6 / 12J5 / / 12Kxx Series / 12Lxx Series / 12Qxxx Series / 12Rxx Series 12SA7 / 12SC7 / 12SF5 / 12SF7 / 12SG7 / 12SH7 / 12SJ7 / 12SK7 12SL7GT / 12SN7GT 12SQ7 / 12SQ7GT / 12SR7GT / 12SX7GT 12T10 / 12U7 Dual Triode / 12W6GT / 12X4 Rectifier / 12Z3
TO BUY 12A / UX-112A / CX-112A Triode (RCA Radiola 16 1928) T0 BUY 12A4 T0 BUY 12A5 T0 BUY 12A6 T0 BUY 12A7 T0 BUY 12A8 T0 BUY 12AB5 (Webcor Hifi) T0 BUY 12AC6 T0 BUY 12AD7
12AE6 / 12AE6A Twin Diode - Medium-Mu Triode Headroom Millet hybrid headphone amplifier, which also can use 12FK6, 12FM6 T0 BUY 12AE6A

T0 BUY 12AE7 T0 BUY 12AE10 T0 BUY 12AF3 T0 BUY 12AF6 T0 BUY 12AH7GT T0 BUY 12AJ6 T0 BUY 12AL5 Full-Wave Rectifier (Magnavox radio) T0 BUY 12AM8 T0 BUY 12AQ5 T0 BUY 12AT6 for (Fada 845) and (Zenith L518 circa 1953) T0 BUY 12AV5GA T0 BUY 12AAW6

12AU6 Pentode TO BUY 12AU6


12AV6 Dual-Diode and High-Mu Triode T0 BUY 12AV6

12AV7 Dual Triode (also see 5965 and 7062 listing) T0 BUY 12AV7

T0 BUY 12AX3 Compactron Damping Diode (LAMM L2 reference preamp power supply) T0 BUY 12AX4GTA/GTB Half-Wave Rectifier

12AY7 Dual Triode T0 BUY 12AY7

T0 BUY 12AZ7 black plates T0 BUY 12AZ7 gray plates TO BUY 12B4A Triode T0 BUY 12BA6=HF93 Pentode (Emerson 587 radio 1951) T0 BUY 12BA7 T0 BUY 12BD6 T0 BUY 12BE6=HK90 Heptode T0 BUY 12BF6 T0 BUY 12BH7A
T0 BUY 12BL6 T0 BUY 12BQ6GT / 12BQ6GTB
12BY7A=12BV7 Sharp Cutoff Pentode (Gm=13ma/V for 12BY7A, Gm=12ma/V for 12BV7, Power=6.5 watts max) Heathkit DX-35 1950's Kenwood TS-830S Transceiver Kenwood 520 Kenwood TS-20 Yaesu FT-101 Transceiver TO BUY 12BY7A GE NOS
TO BUY 12BY7A Sylvania NOS
TO BUY 12BY7A Westinghouse NOS

12BZ7 High-Mu Dual Triode (Max ratings: 300Vplate, 1.5 watts) (Vfil=12.6V @ 300ma) (Typical Operation Class A amp: Vplate=250V, Vgrid=-2V, Ip=2.5ma, Rp=31.8Kohms, Gm=3200, Mu=100) (The 12BZ7 has been subbed for a 12AX7 in some circuits) (The 12BZ7 has 2 times the Gm (3200 versus 1600) and lower plate resistance (31K versus 62K) and higher filament current (300ma versus 150ma) than a 12AX7) (The 12BZ7 was designed primarily for use as a sync separator and sync amplifier in television receivers. It is also useful in clipping circuits and as a general purpose audio amplifer) - Cary V12R amp - Cary PH-301 phono - Cary Rocket 88R - Audio Electronics Supply/Cary Six Pacs TO BUY 12BZ7 RCA

T0 BUY 12C8 T0 BUY 12CT8 T0 BUY 12D4 T0 BUY 12DB5 T0 BUY 12DM7 T0 BUY 12DT8 Dual Triode (similar to 12AT7)(Don Allen, Zenith L727 radio 1959) T0 BUY 12DQ6A T0 BUY 12DQ6B TO BUY 12DW7=7247 Dual Triode T0 BUY 12DQ7 T0 BUY 12DZ6 TO BUY 12E1=CV345 England (Power Tetrode) TO BUY 12EG6 TO BUY 12EM6 TO BUY 12F5GT TO BUY 12FK6 T0 BUY 12FM6 T0 BUY 12FM8 TO BUY 12FQ7 Dual Triode (Quicksilver Audio V4 mono amp, Quicksilver M-135 amp) TO BUY 12FQ8 TO BUY 12FX5 TO BUY 12FX8A TO BUY 12HG7=12GN7A (12HG7=ruggedized frame-grid version of 12BY7A, uprated to 10 watts)) TO BUY 12GB3 TO BUY 12GW6=12DQ6B TO BUY 12H6 TO BUY 12J5 metal can TO BUY 12J5GT Triode (Transition Audio Design custom phono preamp 2010) TO BUY 12J7GT TO BUY 12J8 TO BUY 12JB6 TO BUY 12JN6 TO BUY 12JN8 TO BUY 12JQ6 TO BUY 12JT6A TO BUY 12K7G TO BUY 12K7GT TO BUY 12K8G TO BUY 12L6GT TO BUY 12Q7 TO BUY 12Q7G and 12Q7GT TO BUY 12R5 TO BUY 12S8 T0 BUY 12SA7 / 12SA7GT (Belmont Radio 6D120 1947, GE 436 radio 1954) T0 BUY 12SC7 Dual Triode (Mapletree Ultra 4A preamp) (also see 1634 which is a premium 12SC7 with matched sections) T0 BUY 12SF5 T0 BUY 12SF5GT T0 BUY 12SF7 T0 BUY 12SG7 T0 BUY 12SH7 T0 BUY 12SJ7 (Westinghouse radio, Silvertone amp) T0 BUY 12SK7 / 12SK7GT (Collins TCS14 1944)
12SL7GT=VT-289 Dual Triode - Tom McNally Darling amp 2009 TO BUY 12SL7GT

12SN7GT/A / 12SN7GTB Dual Triode (replace a 12SN7GT with a low noise 12SX7GT for improved sound) - Mapletree - McAlister Audio MA-10 - Tom Tutay preamp TO BUY 12SN7GT

T0 BUY 12SQ7 / 12SQ7GT (Hallicrafters S-38 radio, GE 422 radio 1951, GE 436 radio 1954) T0 BUY 12SR7 T0 BUY 12SR7GT
12SX7GT Dual Triode (upgrade your 12SN7 to these for improved sound) (Vplate=250V, Vgrid=-8V, Mu=20, Gm=2600, Rp=7700ohms, Iplate=9ma) (Max plate voltage=300V) - Mapletree Audio Line 2A SE 2007 - Mapletree Audio Line 2B - Mapletree Audio Ultra 4A SE preamp - Tube Research Dude preamp - Cavalli Liquid Glass 2013 TO BUY 12SX7GT

T0 BUY 12T10 T0 BUY 12U7 Dual Triode T0 BUY 12V6GT Pentode T0 BUY 12W6GT TO BUY 12X4 Full-Wave Rectifier (Dynaco PAS-2, PAS-3, Juicy Music Peach II pre-amp, car radios) T0 BUY 12Z3
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